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Insiders reveal Trump’s plot to “wreck” Fox News in revenge for 2020

Insiders reveal Trump’s plot to “wreck” Fox News in revenge for 2020

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President Trump, in the wake of an electoral defeat which he still refuses to recognize, is gearing up to wage war against Fox News. Joe Biden pulled out an impressive victory over the Republican incumbent, but Trump is unable or unwilling to accept that he was bested because that would require a little introspection and acceptance of the fact that the American people have rejected him.

Instead, Trump is looking for anyone or anything other than himself to blame. His baseless allegations of mass voter fraud are one way for him to dodge responsibility for his defeat and now he’s decided it’s Fox News’s fault as well. Earlier today, he launched an attack on the right-wing network and accused them of failing to support him as strongly as they did in 2016.

Apparently though, toothless Twitter attacks are not the only thing Trump has in store for his erstwhile media ally. Axios reports that Trump has told confidants he plans to launch a media empire of his own to destroy Fox News. 

According to sources close to the president, many within his circle are angry that Fox News called Arizona for Biden so early. They see it as a betrayal of the president and believe it gives him a wedge to use against the right-wing network when he launches his own.

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“He plans to wreck Fox. No doubt about it,” one source told Axios.

Axios also managed to get some information on the details of the president’s plan. Since the startup costs and time for getting a cable channel off the ground are so intensive, it’s expected that he will launch a digital streaming channel.

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For a monthly fee, fans of our defeated and disgraced soon-to-be-ex-president will be able to listen to whatever manic, mendacious, paranoid, racist programming he decides to blast out into the world. It’s also expected that Trump will exploit his massive mailing and cellphone lists to peddle his new network.

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“He’s going to spend a lot of time slamming Fox,” said the source.

While under normal circumstances, any trouble for Fox News would be a cause for celebration given the incalculable damage the network has inflicted on this nation and the psyches of American voters, one hesitates to call this good news.

Trump’s network will likely cater to those who think Fox isn’t right-wing enough, which means it will become a cesspit of QAnon types and white nationalists. As if four years of Trump in the White House wasn’t bad enough, he now intends to drive his base even deeper into the fever swamp of collective insanity.

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