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Scottish politicians consider drastic measures to rid their country of “toxic” Trump golf

Scottish politicians consider drastic measures to rid their country of “toxic” Trump golf

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The end of the Trump presidency doesn’t just expose Donald Trump to prosecution in federal courts — minus any last-minute pardon scheme he may devise — and in state courts in the United States.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that he faces legal peril overseas as well.

Nowhere does Trump have to deal with a more serious risk of post-presidential investigations than in Scotland where the Trump Organization maintains ownership of two golf resorts in Turnberry and Aberdeenshire.

Those risks jumped exponentially today when Patrick Harvie — a member of the Scottish Parliament representing the Green Party whose Twitter profile brags that he’s been labeled the “voice of the irresponsible left-led anti-family anti-christian gay whales against the bomb coalition” by the British tabloid The Daily Mail — called for just such an investigation into the sources of Trump’s funding in his purchase of the Scottish links.

Journalist Martyn Mclaughlin of The Scotsman posted a lengthy thread on Twitter that relayed MSP Harvie’s call for a thorough dissection of the finances involved in the Trump Organization’s acquisition of his resorts in Scotland amidst disturbing allegations of money laundering.

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Realizing the toxicity of the Trump brand is always a good first step in pursuing these types of investigations, which will become less of a diplomatic crisis once the president leaves office officially.

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It’s nice that the American Congress and the Manhattan District Attorney’s office could lend a helping hand to our longstanding overseas allies in their probe, especially when they are trying to counteract the lingering shame of the Scottish heritage that Donald Trump inherited through his mother.

It’s unlikely that the Scottish government, still subservient to the UK government in matters of foreign affairs, would confirm an active investigation into Trump while he still has access to the nuclear codes. They likely know how cray-cray the man can get when the paranoia creeps in.



Wow, an English-speaking country (sort of, anyway) where the prosecutors are still independent! Perhaps we’ll be able to return to that system once the Biden administration is finally in charge.

Whether there is room for ambiguity in Scottish laws or not, you can bet that Donald Trump will hire lawyers to try to find some. A word of advice to any barrister in the country that may think about taking up the case: demand payment in advance.

If the Scottish authorities do indeed find evidence of illicit money laundering in Donald Trump’s financing of his golf resorts in their country, it will be fun to watch the extradition battles that will ensue.

It will also be interesting to see whether the authorities there can beat U.S. prosecutors to the punch in issuing the first indictment of the immunity-free ex-president once he leaves office.

It seems that our local prosecutors really should get the first crack at sending Trump to prison. We’ve suffered his misdeeds and failures more than any other country.

For once, Trump’s “America First” credo ought to be respected.

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Original reporting by Martyn McLaughlin at The Scotsman.

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