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Stacey Abrams rips into Trump’s “sad” Georgia recount stunt

Stacey Abrams rips into Trump’s “sad” Georgia recount stunt

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While Democrats can rejoice in the fact that once Donald Trump’s petulant public tantrum is finally over — and he, if not concedes the election, at least vacates the White House long enough for the Biden administration to throw his personal belongings on what’s left of the lawn after his illegal political rallies on that now torn up surface — the fact that control of the Senate is still undetermined presents a potentially substantial obstacle to reversing the worst excesses of the Trump era.

Former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams took to the airwaves on The View today to discuss the election and the path to a Democratic Senate majority that has but one path, directly through Abrams’ home state.

Abrams’ appearance began with a little bit of justified celebration at helping deliver the first Democratic victory for a presidential candidate in 28 years, as the state provided Joe Biden with a margin of victory that is unlikely to be reversed by the hand recount announced by Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State.

“I can wake up in November and be happy,” Abrams told Whoopie Goldberg and the other members of The View panel. “We have had a few close calls, and we’ve tried really hard for the last decade and this was a moment of just grace. We were so excited and so proud.”

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Of the upcoming recount — which will only count votes in the presidential race and thus not affect the requirement of runoffs in the two undetermined Senate races in the state — Abrams was confident that Biden’s 14 thousand vote lead would prove impossible for Republicans to overcome.

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“We don’t know how long it’s going to take, but we are absolutely certain that this lead is insurmountable,” the Georgia Democratic political superstar said. “It is absolute and Joe Biden will win Georgia. The reality is they have the right to follow the law and the law permits this type of behavior, and during my election in 2018, we fought through the courts to make sure every vote got counted. Sadly they just want to do a recount of what we already accomplished.”

“And I wish them well,” Abrams continued, “but we know that Joe Biden is going to be not only the president of the United States but the first president in 30 years from the Democratic Party to carry Georgia.”

While basking in victory is sweet, Abrams knows that her job in the state is far from complete.

“We need to remember that Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock are the only ways to guarantee that Mitch McConnell will finally pass legislation to renew recovery investment,” she said. “That’s the only way we can make certain that the future we need comes to fruition with Joe Biden as our president.”

Neutering the power of Mitch McConnell to block any form of progressive legislation is reason enough to join Abrams in fighting for Democratic victories in both senatorial runoffs.

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With Abrams having already contributed so much to a Biden victory, talk of her potential role in the new administration was bound to come up, but the canny political operative in her refused to even consider discussing any future roles while the Senate races are still in play.

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“I’ve spoken to the Biden team about how to win this election,” Abrams told Joy Behar. “I’m candid, but I’m also focused,” she added. “I’m focused on getting the last piece across the finish line and that is the U.S. Senate race on January 5th in Georgia.”

You can help Abrams in her efforts to win the runoffs for the Democrats and ensure that the Biden administration has a cooperative and non-obstructing Senate in its corner as it tries to roll back the damage of the Trump era by donating to the campaigns of Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock here.

And let’s hope that the Biden administration sees fit to find a suitable role for Stacey Abrams once she’s helped deliver a Democratic majority in the Senate and a final repudiation of the GOP stranglehold on the progressive legislation already approved by the House of Representatives.

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Original reporting by Matt Wilstein at The Daily Beast.

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