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Trump proposes reversing election through Arizona “audit” as his aides admit he knows it’s over

Trump proposes reversing election through Arizona “audit” as his aides admit he knows it’s over

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The soon-to-be ex-President Donald Trump continued his week-long tantrum about the 2020 election results on Thursday morning, projecting his weakness and his victimhood complex to the whole nation in a series of tweets.

Beginning last night and rolling into the early morning, Donald Trump retweeted a slew of posts from disreputable sources alleging imaginary instances of voter fraud and continued to insist that the election was RIGGED against him, complaining about vote-counting speed and bragging about how many votes he had received (still less than those Joe Biden received by a wide margin).

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In a disturbing instance, he even claimed that “auditing” the votes in Arizona would allow him to win the state, which could be construed as a demand for GOP officials to steal the election for him.

According to NBC News correspondent Peter Alexander, the President knows deep down that there is no path to victory, but instead believes that his voters deserve “a fight” and so is continuing with this desperate charade as a form of “theater.”

It is beyond appalling for the President of the United States to spend a week-post election convincing 72 million people that the election was stolen and that the new president is illegitimate simply for the sake of his own ego and to indulge the paranoid delusions of his followers, but that’s just the kind of monstrously selfish behavior we have come to expect from Donald Trump — and even more proof that the nation made the right decision when it chose to rid itself of this buffoon.

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