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Incoherent Trump clearly contradicts himself in a single “Rigged Election!” tweet

Incoherent Trump clearly contradicts himself in a single “Rigged Election!” tweet

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While one certainly can imagine far more dignified endings to the Trump era there are few possibilities that feel more fitting. A president elected by a minority of the country who spent four years whining that his media coverage was unfair while he looted and ravaged our country will be leaving office as the biggest sore loser in American history, unwilling to concede. Joe Biden is our new President-elect and Trump still insists he has a chance of pulling out a win even though it looks like Biden will likely end up with 306 Electoral votes and perhaps as much as 7 million more popular votes.

While Trump’s lawyers have been flailing and faceplanting in court as part of his desperate campaign to scrape out a win through legal arcana, the president himself has been spending most of his time angrily tweeting. His allegations of mass voter fraud are completely baseless and are being taken seriously only by the most right-wing MAGA-brained individuals. Most Americans recognize that come January he will no longer be president and he simply cannot accept that ironclad reality.

Today, he once again tweeted about the election. He said that Democrats have been “preaching how unsafe our elections” are for years but are now saying that the Trump administration did a “wonderful job” running the “most secure election ever.”

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“Actually this is true, except for what the Democrats did. Rigged Election!” wrote Trump, trying to somehow simultaneously claim that the election was rigged by Democrats but that it was also the most secure election in history thanks to him. It’s a stunning example of the cognitive dissonance that has infected his entire party. He can’t admit that his White House allowed an American election to be undermined because it would indicate historic incompetence, but he also can’t admit that the Democrats beat him fairly.

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At this point, it’s frankly laughable that he has so little respect for his supporters’ intelligence that he thinks they’ll gobble up an incoherent message like this one. Unfortunately, many of them will.

As to his point about Democrats saying elections are “unsafe and rigged,” it should surprise no one at all that he is lying. Democrats haven’t been alleging rigged elections. What we have been alleging, with mountains of proof, is that the Republican Party engages in systematic voter suppression to help them win elections. They have no respect for our democracy and the leader of their party refusing to concede will cement that truth in history.

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