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Meghan McCain dunks on Trump after Arizona is officially called for Biden

Meghan McCain dunks on Trump after Arizona is officially called for Biden

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Yesterday, it was announced that President-elect Joe Biden won the state of Arizona, flipping a state that was widely considered red and further cementing his impressive victory over the incumbent President Donald Trump. The win renders Trump’s insistence that he actually won the 2020 election even more absurd and increases the pressure for him to concede, something which he has indicated he has no intention of doing.

While there will doubtless be numerous post-mortem analyses conducted by the Republicans to explain the loss of the Grand Canyon State, one popular vein of thinking holds that Trump lost Arizona in some or large part due to his shameful feud with the late Senator John McCain, a man who was widely adored in his home state. In September, his widow Cindy McCain crossed the aisle to endorse Biden for president.

The list of degradations inflicted on McCain by Trump is long, ranging from comments about his time as a Vietnam War POW (“I like people who weren’t captured) to his constant insults of McCain after his passing. McCain got some licks of his own in as well, most notably when he torpedoed Trump’s mercenary efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act. The senator’s thumbs down vote on the floor of the Senate immediately became iconic.

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After Arizona was called for Biden last night, the late senator’s daughter Meghan took to Twitter to get in one last shot on her dad’s behalf.

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“In light of tonight’s news…” she wrote above a meme of Senator McCain smiling with the text “I like people who don’t lose Arizona.”

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While certainly not the most sophisticated joke, it’s nice to see her rubbing Trump’s nose in his defeat. The McCain family can rest assured knowing that their patriarchs’ legacy—as complex and often imperfect as it was—will outshine that of Trump’s by magnitudes. McCain will be remembered as a man who loved and served his country. Donald Trump will be remembered as the man who almost destroyed his.

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