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Trump publicly trashes Georgia Republicans in fit of rage over election loss

Trump publicly trashes Georgia Republicans in fit of rage over election loss

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President Trump’s week-long tantrum over losing the 2020 election turned inward on Friday night and Saturday morning as he took aim at Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State and Republican lawmakers, blaming them for passing pieces of legislation that helped the Democrats cheat — in Trump’s deluded mind, that is.

Last night, Trump called Governor Brian Kemp, who most likely did actually steal his election from Stacey Abrams, a “Republican-in-name-only” (RINO), complaining about some nonsense about letting people “check the ballots” for fraud, claiming that the whole process was “very unfair” and “close to meaningless” because “everybody knows” that he actually won the state, which he did not.

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Of course, the truth is that the “consent decree” that Trump is so angry about does not exist, according to voting rights lawyer Marc E. Elias. What Trump appears to be referring to is the results of a 2020 lawsuit that forced the state of Georgia to inform voters in a timely fashion if their absentee ballots were rejected due to a mismatched or missing signature, which the state had not previously done in a deliberate effort to disenfranchise voters.

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We know at this point that Trump is only doing this as a show for his fans and for his ego, but it is deeply disturbing to see him continue to impugn the integrity of this election for these monstrously selfish reasons. When he runs in 2024, as he seems to want to do — if he’s still alive, that is — he can claim that he never actually lost and deserves his vindication.

But with two crucial Senate race run-offs that could decide the future of this nation approaching fast, if Trump wants to trash Georgia Republicans, then by all means. Have at them!

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