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Donald Trump Jr. gets owned by pollster Nate Silver in brutally funny Twitter skirmish

Donald Trump Jr. gets owned by pollster Nate Silver in brutally funny Twitter skirmish

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Like his father, Donald Trump Jr. has absolutely no sense of when it would be better to simply keep his mouth shut rather than suffer the consequences of the idiocy that pours forth from that font of deception and stupidity.

Junior could have held his tongue when he saw this tweet from noted political and sports pollster Nate Silver, a man who has been one of the most credible voices among those surveying public opinion in this election through his website

Responding to MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, Silver, using his typical reliance on data analysis, was arguing against the idea that the polls in the 2020 elections were disastrously wrong when the election turned out to be closer than anticipated.

The fact of the matter is that outside of badly missing the call in Florida and a few other states, the ultimate result of the ballot counting produced exactly the result that the pollsters predicted: a victory for Democrat Joe Biden.

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Don Jr. couldn’t resist responding to Silver’s factual analysis of the numerical accuracy of this year’s poll results with a snarky comment.

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Junior seems well versed in the ability to simply ignore inconvenient facts, particularly when it comes to mathematics, a trait that seemingly has some genetic basis.

Perhaps Don Jr. wasn’t ready for the ready wit of the current dean of American political polling, who demolished the president’s eldest son with one simple sentence.

In a nod to the Netflix hit, The Queen’s Gambit, one can only comment “check” and “mate” to that riposte.

Perhaps next time, Don Jr. will think ahead and plan his moves a step or two in advance while contemplating whether he should make sarcastic comments to someone who is much better at their job than he is at his.

After all, once his father becomes a civilian again, Don Jr. and Eric will have to hand the reins of the Trump Organization back to their father…at least until any potential prison sentence begins, and only then if they are not going to be joining him themselves.

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