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Donald Trump seems to concede then quickly backtracks in wild Sunday morning Twitter posts

Donald Trump seems to concede then quickly backtracks in wild Sunday morning Twitter posts

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Nearly two weeks have gone by since election day, and it’s been a week since every major media outlet did the math and called the election for the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden.

Yet, still, Donald Trump is throwing his social media tantrums over the result that he just can’t bring himself to accept — that he’s a loser.

A look at the lame-duck president’s Twitter feed this morning shows not a man chastened by the repudiation of his miserable four years in office by voters across the country, but a pathetic wounded beast still peddling discredited conspiracy theories to explain his humiliating defeat and looking, as usual, for targets other than himself and his loathsome policy agenda to blame for his failure.

Trump began his fault-casting by taking aim at the one news outlet that contributed the most to his original unlikely rise to power in 2016 — Fox News — retweeting a second-hand post originally sent by someone who works for the ultra-right-wing news outlet Newsmax, a company with a vested interest in seeing their competition diminished.

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Trump’s anger at having lost the unquestioning support of media mogul Rupert Murdoch and his multiple news providers, including Fox News, is palpable, and this tweet will do nothing to staunch the rumors that he is looking to launch an even more extremist competitor to the news channel once he finally is dragged kicking and screaming from the Oval Office, perhaps by taking over either Newsmax or its equally extremist conservative streaming news channel OAN.

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The lame-duck president next moved on to moaning about the unfairness of the Georgia ballot recount, tagging the state’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp for responsibility, in a post that featured the now ubiquitous warning from Twitter’s content guardians about the disputed nature of his frivolous claims.

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With a palate cleanser of five straight uncommented-upon retweets of posts from a host on the network that he just tried to undermine — Fox News‘ Jeanine Pirro —  Trump proved that he just can’t quit his dependence on the network for his epistles of hate and frustration with his quote tweet of another Fox host, Jesse Watters, earning another Twitter opprobrium for the falsity of his claims.

This is perhaps the first time Trump has been able to admit that Biden actually won the election, even if he completely attributes his loss to non-existent deliberate fraud. He soon realized his mistake and spent the rest of the morning trying to erase the memory of that little sli0p in his denialist armor.

Trump subsequently retweeted another four video clips from the Watter’s World program, but not before one more attempt at contradicting even his own Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency officials who called the election “the most secure in American history.”

Twitter’s polite disclaimer is way too mild to describe the depth of the delusions and misinformation being peddled in this tweet, but the usual terms for this type of B.S. are apparently considered more offensive than the contents of the post in their eyes, a decision that many Americans would surely disagree with.

Trump’s morning social media fusillade continued with multiple straight retweets of clips from various Fox News personalities, making one wonder why the president had been biting the hand that fed him so well for so long and seemingly continues to do so in his earlier attack on the network that is still proving so useful in his propaganda arsenal.

In the rest of his posts today, Trump did manage to promote an appearance by his deranged attorney Rudy Giuliani on — where else? — Fox News and garner two more wrist slaps from Twitter for his phony, ego-soothing claims of election fraud.

Trump’s continued refusal to accept the reality of his loss makes his status as a lame-duck president seem more aptly described as a mortally-wounded-goose presidency at this point.

Having mostly abandoned even the pretense of actually doing the job he was originally elected to perform, Trump seems to be planning on spending the remainder of his term watching TV, playing golf, and reportedly holding a few post-election rallies.

His flailing and failing legal challenges aren’t likely to prevent the certification of the election results that gave the same number of electoral votes to Joe Biden that Trump received in 2016, a result that he then called a “landslide.”

Once that occurs, Trump’s tweets will seem less like the sour-grapes ranting of a sore-loser and more and more like outright sedition.

Perhaps then Twitter will be able to move from simply placing a warning label on his posts to deleting his account entirely.

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