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Full circle — Trump’s presidency is ending with the same obvious lie that it began with

Full circle — Trump’s presidency is ending with the same obvious lie that it began with

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For all the chaos of the Donald Trump administration, it appears that a least a bit of symmetry will mark the end of his presidency.

To appreciate the full circle that the 45th president has traveled in his nearly four years in office, one must recall one of the first major events of his nascent term the very first day after his inauguration.

In what became an early warning sign that this new president was not going to let himself be bound by reality or truth, Trump had his then-press secretary Sean Spicer publicly claim that “this was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period, both in person and around the globe.”

It was a lie so enormous and so easily contradicted by a comparison of photos of the crowd sizes at Trump’s swearing-in and that of Barack Obama at his initial 2008 inaugural that White House senior advisor Kellyanne Conway was forced to invent the term “alternative facts” to describe the false claim in a manner that set the tone for the next four years of the putrid, self-aggrandizing horse manure that passed for the presidential communications policy during his term.

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Now, a day after a supposed Million MAGA march that was estimated by city officials to have attracted considerably less than a tenth of that number, Trump’s latest Hatch Act-violating press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, was trying to emulate Sean Spicer’s original sin of Trump administration falsehoods by vastly exaggerating the number of the president’s supporters who came to Washington DC to protest the results of a legitimate election, the results of which Donald Trump can’t bring himself to accept.

At this point, no one with any sense expects to hear a word of truth from the mouth of someone dubbed “Kay-lie” McEnany due to her dubious connection with any form of facts whatsoever, but the lengths to which the Trump campaign team went to in order to make the attendance at the march seem bigger than it actually was raised many an eyebrow on social media.

The highly colorized photo on the left in the above images was Tweeted out earlier by another administration lackey, Dan Bongino, but the source of the addition of the extra crowd in the apparently doctored photo is unknown.

They say that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but the fact that Trump is ending his presidency in exactly the same way that he began it — with an ego-driven lie about his own popularity — proves that this president has learned absolutely nothing from his time in office.

Luckily enough of the voting population did learn something from the last four years — that Donald Trump is unfit for the office of the president — and have now sent him packing.

Now if only he would pull up the moving trucks and begin his departure!

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