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An old tweet about the stock market comes back to haunt Trump after Biden victory

An old tweet about the stock market comes back to haunt Trump after Biden victory

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Since the presidential election was called for Joe Biden, the stock market has risen to near-record heights, despite Donald Trump’s prediction of a major collapse on Wall Street if his competitor were to be elected.

Some of that rise is surely attributable to the announcement of two promising COVID-19 vaccines in the days since the election was held, but at least a part of the market optimism can be attributed to the prospect of Trump’s imminent departure from the halls of power.

Of course, you won’t hear the current president give his soon-to-be successor any credit for the financial performance of the economy the upward trajectory of which he largely inherited from his predecessor.

With Donald Trump, however, there’s always a tweet for that, and Vox‘s Aaron Rupar found the perfect example of a post that actually suggests that, if Trump were to attribute credit for the rebounding market, he would have to award it to the man who vanquished him at the ballot box.

Sent back in October of 2019, the tweet was a way for Trump to claim credit for himself for the market rise after the previous presidential election in 2016, suggesting that the period he should be gauged by should begin not on his inauguration day,  but from the very moment his victory was announced, giving him a few extra percentage points to boast about as he was campaigning.

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While we aren’t likely to see Donald Trump himself resurrect this relatively ancient tweet on his feed anytime soon, it will provide Democrats with ample fodder to counteract whatever outlandish claim the president may make about his stewardship of the American economy since his loss was announced, as he implied today in a more recent post.

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At least the vaccine is 95% more effective than the president himself has been in the nation’s battle against COVID-19.

Twitter commentators had a field day with the newly unearthed tweet, mostly confirming the truism that there is indeed always a tweet.

It’s difficult to truly enjoy the schadenfreude of a Donald Trump self-own, however, when the man himself is still insisting that he actually won the election and continues to make unsubstantiated claims of election fraud and a vast left-wing and/or deep state conspiracy against him.

If you still need to do something that will tweak this lame-duck president, your best course of action is likely to do everything in your power to ensure that both Raphael Warnock and Join Ossoff get elected to the Senate in their January runoff elections and hand Democrats the majority control of that legislative body, making a Biden/Harris agenda that much easier to enact.

We can save our gloating for the sentencing phases of what will likely be the first of many trials that Trump will face once his presidential immunity disappears.

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Original reporting by Aaron Rupar at Vox.

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