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Danger looms as Trump team refuses to share pandemic info with Biden team

Danger looms as Trump team refuses to share pandemic info with Biden team

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President Trump still refuses to concede. There is no doubt now that Joe Biden defeated him by a truly impressive margin and yet the president insists that the election was rigged, unable or unwilling to accept that the American people have fired him. And while his concession is ultimately just a formality and he will be forced to vacate the White House come Inauguration Day, his unwillingness to accept his loss is starting to inflict real damage on the country.

Joe Lockhart, a former White House Press Secretary for President Bill Clinton, tweeted to inform his followers that the Trump administration was confronted today about why they aren’t sharing COVID-19 response information with the incoming Biden team. Rather than disputing that Biden won as they have been for weeks, the Trump team essentially answered “why should we?”

The assertion that they have no obligation to share such critical information with the new administration is the final proof that the Trump administration simply does not care about the pandemic.

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CBS’s Weijia Jian reported that Deputy Comms Director & Deputy Press Secretary Brian Morgenstern said the pandemic team has no reason to meet with Biden’s people because their plan is to institute “devastating and counterproductive lockdowns and an unconstitutional mask mandate” and that the rest of their plan is “plagiarized from the Trump administration.” For Republicans, even the coronavirus has become a partisan issue.

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This president has botched the federal response to COVID-19 since day one and now that we are finally set to have a leader who will take the virus seriously Trump and his cronies are sabotaging him out of spite. They don’t care if it results in more dead Americans, Trump simply hates that Biden beat him and wants to throw up as many roadblocks to a successful tenure as possible. It’s not only negligent, it’s actively evil. Trump will soon be gone from the White House, but the harm he has done to this country could take decades to undo.

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