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Trump floods Twitter with disputed claims of election fraud as his legal challenges collapse

Trump floods Twitter with disputed claims of election fraud as his legal challenges collapse

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As the United States enters the 10th day since major media organizations called the presidential election for Joe Biden, Donald Trump continues to hold the nation’s democracy hostage with his refusal to recognize the outcome of the voting tallies in key swing states.

After posting a tweet on Sunday that led some people to believe that he may finally be acknowledging the reality of Biden’s victory, Trump has retreated further into his denialism, posting a flood of over 35 tweets and retweets since Sunday evening many of which were labeled by Twitter as containing “disputed” claims about election fraud or reminding readers that “Official sources called this election differently” than how the president is trying to portray the results.

Trump’s last tweet of Sunday evening is the perfect example of his stubborn inability to accept the reality of his defeat, couched in the simple language of a petulant child who still believes that they can bend reality to their wishes by merely shouting their vision of how things should be according to their own desires.

As you might imagine, the comments section on that post garnered quite a few responses ridiculing the president for his departure from this universe into some alternate parallel world where the votes added up differently.

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As his legal challenges to the vote tallies in various state collapse around him and attorneys resign from the fruitless attempt to prove non-existent voter fraud in order to preserve their legal reputations, Trump ignored the clear signs that nobody in a position to change the margins of Biden’s victory was buying his vociferous complaints of a stolen election and posted tweet after tweet that continued to push his outlandish conspiracy theories.

Here is a sampling of his desperate flurry of morning posts advancing his arguments that have been repeatedly discredited by both state election officials and by his administration’s own Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

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Attacks on the credibility of the media reporting on the failures of his legal team to produce a shred of evidence backing up their claims of voter fraud are a standard part of Trump’s disinformation campaign. He followed up this tweet with a retweet that targeted The New York Times, perhaps to give equal time to his two major national newspaper antagonists.

In his next tweet, Trump continued to focus on ballots counted by an electronic voting machine made by a company called Dominion, casting aspersions on the political affiliations of someone on the board of the company that developed the software for the devices.

Trump liked this tweet so much that he quote tweeted it again just a minute later with the comment “This is crazy!” before posting another tweet from the same unidentified Twitter account that used the name of a slave-owning Confederate general as its handle.

It seems as if the president is scrolling through the right-wing ranks of the social media platform to find any positive posts from anyone who still supports him as he retweeted post after post from people without the blue checks indicating a verified identity on Twitter.

When he wasn’t posting about his frivolous claims of election fraud, Trump was inciting his supporters and police to violence in posts about the “Million MAGA March” that actually attracted about a hundredth of that promised total to Washington DC this weekend.

He also reposted a truncated video of a supporter being punched by counter-protestors that failed to include the moments before the punch that showed the supposed victim instigating the violence and attacking women before he was fought off in retaliation.

He also retweeted a doctored photo of the crowds at the march that was thoroughly discredited on social media yesterday by the publication of the undoctored original photo showing that bodies had simply been pasted into the picture to make the crowds seem larger than they actually were.

After a bunch more MAGA March posts and a few retweets of Rudy Giuliani’s bogus election fraud claims, Trump returned to where he left off at the end of last night, tweeting “I won the Election!” yet again. Perhaps he is marginally less convinced of that when he posted it this morning since he didn’t switch to all caps mode this time.

The rest of Trump’s morning Twitter output consisted of tiresome rehashes of his discredited fraud claims, but one post indicated that Trump still hasn’t left the campaign trail in his own mind.

If ever a tweet encapsulated Trump’s penchant for projection, this is the one.

Republicans have been packing the courts with Heritage Foundation-approved, right-wing extremist jurists since the beginning of Trump’s term and spent the last years of the Obama administration blocking as many of his appointees as possible.

The only reason to accuse the Democrats of planning to pack the courts — a perfectly legitimate response to the GOP’s underhanded and hypocritical tactics in regards to the judicial branch of government — is to further inflame his supporters and divide the nation.

Exactly how “we” will prevent the new administration from pursuing its own judicial policies is something that Trump never addresses, but the fact that he is still claiming some agency in the matter when the reins of power will be ripped from his hands in January indicates that his acceptance of the election results won’t be happening anytime soon.

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