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Ivanka’s ex-best friend airs dirty laundry about her farts, racism

Ivanka’s ex-best friend airs dirty laundry about her farts, racism

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In a new piece in Vanity Fair, the former best friend of Ivanka Trump shares some truly damaging revelations about the soon-to-be-former First Daughter. Lysandra Ohrstrom grew up with Ivanka, attended school with her, and maintained a close relationship with her that slowly petered out over the years as the yawning soulless chasm of Trumpism at the heart of her personality become more apparent.

Ohrstrom points to her time working as a journalist in Lebanon as a moment when the growing differences in personality between her and Ivanka crystallized. Like her father, Ivanka seems to have a profound inability to empathize with others.

“While Ivanka was laying the foundation for her conquest of Manhattan, I was experiencing a new reality in Lebanon as it was rocked by a string of political assassinations and bombings and a decimating war with Israel. The gulf between us became increasingly apparent,” writes Ohrstrom. “During my first two-year stint in Beirut, Ivanka regularly emailed me messages like, ‘When are you getting your ass back to NYC? You’re going to be replaced.’ I remember her being the only person I knew who didn’t ask me what the war was like.”

Ohrstrom goes on to say that a necklace she regularly wore showcased her name written in Arabic and that it began to irritate Ivanka. The Trump scion would remark that she hated it and went so far as to ask Ohrstrom how her Jewish boyfriend felt when they were “having sex and that necklace hits him in the face” and asked her how she could wear something that screamed “terrorist.” Clearly, the same Islamophobia that fueled President Trump’s racist Muslim ban is also deeply embedded in his daughter.

When Ohrstrom once suggested that Ivanka read Empire Falls, a Pulitzer Prize-winning book about a diner manager, Ivanka asked her why she would ever suggest she read a book “about f*cking poor people” and asked: “What part of you thinks I would be interested in this?” It seems apparent that Ivanka has convinced herself that she is superior to most people simply because she was fortunate enough to be born into a family with immense, ill-gotten wealth.

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Ohrstrom writes that one of her earliest memories of Ivanka was witnessing her fart and blame it on someone else. While obviously far less serious than some of the other allegations she levels in the piece, it does show that Ivanka has the same pathological lying compulsion that has characterized her odious father’s entire life.

The overall picture that emerges in the Vanity Fair piece is one of Ivanka as an ascendent sociopath, obsessed with fame and wealth and with few redeeming qualities outside the fun but ultimately trivial experiences that children often share growing up.

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Ohrstrom hopes that by sharing her insights into Ivanka’s character (or lack thereof) she can play some part in stopping any PR rehabilitation efforts in the next few years. The First Daughter has enabled her father’s cruelties and his unprecedented assault on American democracy and she cannot be allowed to evade responsibility for that. In any just society, she would become a pariah.

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Read Ohrstrom’s piece here.

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