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McEnany endangers public health with rant against “Orwellian” Thanksgiving restrictions

McEnany endangers public health with rant against “Orwellian” Thanksgiving restrictions

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President-elect Joe Biden has won the election with 306 electoral votes and yet the Trump team is still insisting that their failed leader will be getting a second term. It’s now reached the point where it’s more pathetic than frightening. Their legal attempts to throw out ballots or tilt states towards Trump have been largely laughed out of court and they’ve been unable to provide a shred of evidence for their claims of widespread voter fraud.

Today, Trump’s right-hand liar and White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany appeared on Fox News to peddle some more of the administration’s lukewarm propaganda. After she made the absurd claim that there likely be a second Trump administration, host Steve Doocy brought up the issue of COVID-19 once again spiking heading into Thanksgiving and the fact that several state governors have warned against large gatherings while urging safety precautions to avoid superspreader events.

“Yeah I think a lot of the guidelines you’re seeing are Orwellian,” said McEnany, somehow trying to draw a connection between reasonable efforts to curb the virus spread and the totalitarian state of George Orwell’s 1984. The irony is that in seeking to redefine the word “Orwellian” to suit her party’s immediate political needs she is in fact engaging in the exact kind of language manipulation that forms a major theme in the celebrated novel.

“Let me start by saying the CDC has put out considerations as we prepare to go about Thanksgiving, about socially distancing, wearing masks, doing what you can and there’s a whole list of pages of very good considerations. And in that they say: ‘We’re not recommending a certain number of people but were are giving considerations that you should put in place,'” said McEnany, undercutting the health suggestions of several states with the same kind of reckless abandon that has characterized this administration’s coronavirus response since day one.

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“And I think that’s the American way, the American people know how to protect their health,” she said, even though the 240,000+ American deaths would seem to directly contradict her claim. If Americans knew how to protect their health without guidance we wouldn’t be in this dire situation right now.

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“We’ve dealt with COVID for many months but it’s Orwellian in a place like Oregon to say: ‘If you gather in numbers more than six we might come to your house and arrest you and you get thirty days of jail time,” said McEnany. “That’s not the American way. We don’t lose our freedom in this country. We make responsible health decisions as individuals.”

McEnany’s dangerous rhetoric isn’t surprising at this point, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less detestable. The White House has perverted the coronavirus into a political issue and now they have to keep hammering home these anti-scientific lines in order to placate Trump’s paranoid base, many of whom still believe the pandemic is a hoax.

By signaling to Americans that it’s okay to ignore state guidelines, McEnany is urging people to behave in a way that will lead to more deaths. States aren’t instituting new lockdowns and guidelines just to flex their power, they’re doing it because coronavirus is once again spiraling out of control and if drastic steps aren’t taken immediately hospitals could soon be overrun and the entire healthcare infrastructure strained to the breaking point.

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