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Trump embarks on frantic diatribe trying to excuse his 2020 election loss while refusing to work

Trump embarks on frantic diatribe trying to excuse his 2020 election loss while refusing to work

Soon-to-be-ex-president Donald Trump continued his endless campaign to sow doubt on the results of the 2020 election and lazily build the case for having his “victory” stolen from him by the communist antifa liberal officials of the Georgia Republican Party on Wednesday morning.

Growing more and more frantic with every subsequent tweet, Trump incoherently leaped from right-wing conspiracy theory to unfounded allegation, often giving no context or explanation for what he’s talking about (“71% MESS!”). Every one of his tweets was marked by Twitter with their disclaimer pointing out that the claim of election fraud was “disputed,” but it is unlikely that his legions of heartbroken fans will interpret that cursory gesture towards reality as anything but more evidence of a greater conspiracy against him.

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But screaming into the void is all the president has left, and is all the president wants to do these days, having entirely given up any pretense at actually governing since the election. For the 11th day in a row, his public schedule is empty. His schedule hasn’t even had a single intelligence briefing since October 1st.

His childish behavior over the past week and a half calls the existence of the lame duck period at all into question: why on earth do we allow the losing president to stick around for two months with the knowledge that they’ll never be held accountable at the polls for the decisions they make during that period?

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage the nation unchecked, we cannot afford to wait two months before any kind of decisive action from the federal government. Over two hundred thousand deaths can already be placed on the shoulders of Donald J. Trump’s neglience, and God only knows how many more we will lose thanks to his refusal to take any responsibility for the country over the next two months.

Like the Electoral College that gave him the presidency in the first place and the undemocratic Senate that entrenches Republican obstructionism, the lame duck period is yet another aspect of American political state that needs to be abolished in the wake of the second most disastrous presidency in American history.


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