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Eric Trump flayed with mockery for absurdly saying Giuliani will “take down these dirtbags”

Eric Trump flayed with mockery for absurdly saying Giuliani will “take down these dirtbags”

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Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York and current attack dog attorney for President Trump, has been unraveling before our eyes over the past few years. Once a man who was deeply respected for his (admittedly overexaggerated) leadership role in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, he has in his twilight years transformed himself into a grotesque cartoon clown, a shameless lickspittle for the worst president in American history, a geriatric ogre known for his deranged, incoherent media appearances and frequent gaffes.

For some reason, Trump seems to have limitless reservoirs of blind faith in the preternaturally incompetent Giuliani and has tasked him with the bogus lawsuits that the administration is bringing to court in the hopes of overturning the election and denying the White House to President-elect Joe Biden. So far, they’ve had no luck because there is absolutely no evidence of the widespread voter fraud conspiracy that Trump is alleging.

Earlier today, Giuliani held a press conference to ramble on about his election conspiracy theories but it wasn’t his words that captivated viewers. Instead, it was the black substance that oozed from his hair and dripped down the sides of his face, seemingly unnoticed by him. Many were quick to point out that it was likely recently-applied hair dye. Whatever it was, it rendered the entire affair into a surreal farce and underlined how truly ridiculous these cruel, evil people really are.

Twitter users were tickled pink by Giuliani’s grotesque appearance and immediately unloaded a barrage of jokes at his expense. It was into this digital battleground that the president’s son Eric Trump—perhaps obliviously—waded when he sent out a tweet praising Giuliani for taking down the New York Mafia, claiming that he will “take down these dirtbags,” presumably a reference to the duly elected Biden and his Democratic supporters.

While it is true that Giuliani was instrumental in dismantling the mob during his time as the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, he is quite clearly a different man now. He went from taking down criminals to working for the most famous crook in the world. On top of that, his mental facilities have deteriorated so drastically that he has been reduced to a rambling mess who makes bizarre references to Mickey Mouse in court while trying to steal an election. A towering legal giant this man is not.

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Check out some of the best responses to Eric’s clueless tweet below.

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