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Rudy Giuliani oozes gross black liquid and re-enacts My Cousin Vinny in bonkers presser

Rudy Giuliani oozes gross black liquid and re-enacts My Cousin Vinny in bonkers presser

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It’s been over two weeks since Election Day 2020 and the Trump team is still trying to do everything they can to disrupt and dispute and hopefully overturn the results, despite the overwhelming evidence that Joe Biden has won decisively. Spearheading the charge is the President’s right-hand man, Rudy Giuliani, who most recently masterminded the disgraceful and unsuccessful smear campaign against Hunter Biden on Trump’s behalf and is now running around the nation filing lawsuits and promoting wild allegations of widespread voter fraud.

Earlier this morning, the President announced that there would be an important press conference to explain the “very clear and visible” path to his 2020 election victory. Predictably, Rudy Giuliani appeared to do the honors and almost immediately went wildly off the rails with an absurd dog-and-pony show so divorced from reality it clearly was held entirely to make the President think they were getting somewhere with all this nonsense.

It didn’t help Giuliani’s case that he decided halfway through the presser to re-enact a scene from the film My Cousin Vinnie. 

The majority of the press conference read like the President’s Twitter feed — there are huge numbers of fraudulent ballots in Georgia and in Philadelphia and other Big Democrat-run Cities (read: Black votes), the Biden team is perpetrating a massive widespread voter fraud conspiracy, Donald Trump won by a landslide, and so on and so forth.

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In one very telling and likely unintentional moment, Giuliani admitted they were trying to “overturn” the election, meaning that they know that Biden won legitimately and are trying to reverse it.

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Unfortunately for Trump, all anyone could talk about was the bizarre black liquid, apparently hair dye, that began leaking down Giuliani’s face.


Social media immediately exploded with mockery and disgust.

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