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Trump tweets out interview of ex-admin of pedophile forum website

Trump tweets out interview of ex-admin of pedophile forum website

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Even after his defeat at the hands of President-elect Joe Biden and with the end of his tenure rapidly approaching, Donald Trump is finding ways to debase the office of the presidency. His refusal to concede offers the most glaring example to date of how little he cares about our democratic traditions and his baseless, repeated claims of widespread voter fraud are some of the most disgraceful public statements ever uttered by an American president.

There can be little doubt now that Trump has inflicted and will continue to inflict lasting damage to our Republic by weakening the public’s faith in the legitimacy of our elections.

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As if such indignities weren’t enough, Trump continues to tweet furiously at all hours of the day, boosting the tweets of the dead-ender cultists who still support him, aggressively spreading their misinformation while also concocting his own. Last night, he scraped the bottom of the MAGA barrel by sharing a video from One America News (OAN).

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For those unfamiliar with OAN, it’s a cable channel even further far-right than Fox News. When your brain has become so melted by years of conservative propaganda that you need a more intense hit, when you have become so untethered from reality that Fox suddenly seems too liberal, when you get to a point where any bit of information that challenges your paranoid beliefs makes you scream in rage, you flip on OAN. It masquerades as a news network but has absolutely zero journalistic integrity and instead exists solely to pump out pro-Trump lies.

The clip President Trump shared from OAN was an interview with Ron Watkins, a man who journalist Nick Martin pointed out on Twitter is a former administrator for the 8chan/8kun website, an infamous hotbed of child abuse and the digital home plant for QAnon, the truly deranged, labyrinthine conspiracy theory that alleges that President Trump is a hero working secretly behind the scenes to take down a Satanic pedophilia cabal run by Democrats and Hollywood elites. In other words, he’s exactly the kind of creature that OAN would try to peddle as a “cyber analyst.”

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Watkins was invited on OAN to discuss the right-wing bugaboo du jour: Dominion voting machines. Trump, with the help of people like Sean Hannity, has been spreading the lie that Dominion systems, which were used in several states, are unreliable and were exploited by Democrats to steal millions of votes from Trump. As usual, there is no truth to the claim and the allegations leveled by OAN in the segment are either completely without evidence or have been thoroughly debunked.

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The president managed to pump out some truly dangerous lies about the election while also boosting the profile of a truly disgusting character. This is a new low for Trump but likely not even the worst he’ll do before slithering out of the White House. Joe Biden cannot be sworn in soon enough.

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