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Trump issues gruff, emotionless response to his son’s diagnosis

Trump issues gruff, emotionless response to his son’s diagnosis

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Late on Friday night, the nation was treated to the news that the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., has tested positive for the novel coronavirus, becoming the fifth member of the Trump klan to contract the disease. The irony is off the charts, seeing as the Trump family have been some of the loudest promoters of COVID-19 misinformation and patriarch Donald’s selfish mismanagement of the crisis has allowed the virus to ravage the nation for the better part of a year with no end in sight to climbing death toll.

The president acknowledged his son’s diagnosis this morning with a short and rather gruff tweet that simply stated that his son Donald was doing “very well” and thanked the nation for…something.

While usually this would not be a message of note, its brevity and utter lack of any emotion must be yet another knife in the heart of Don Jr., who spends his entire life trying to earn the approval of a father who couldn’t care less about him. In four years in office, President Trump has not once expressed any kind of affection for his sons beyond describing Don Jr. as a “high quality person” when the younger Donald was under public fire for the Trump Tower meeting with Russian agents. He has, however, chastised him for posting cringe in Donald’s defense.

This tweet recalls a previous tweet of Donald’s in which he praises his son for loving him…but doesn’t say anything in return.

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Trump’s first wife Ivana alleges that Don Sr. did not want to name his first son after himself in case he turned out to be a “loser” and joked that his idiot sons “were in the back of the room when God was handing out brains.”

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Of course, nobody has worked as hard as Donald Trump Jr. to tarnish any sympathy one might earn from having a father like Donald Trump, whose only interest in his children is his wildly inappropriate obsession with his daughter Ivanka’s physical attractiveness.

The Trump scion relishes taking every disgustingly racist thing his father says to the next level, whether it’s comparing immigrants to zoo animalsSyrian refugees to poisoned Skittles, women to “herding mothers” or actively promoting neo-Nazi dog whistles — and all he gets in return is his dad announcing that he’s doing “very well.”

Seeing this tweet from Donald Trump in comparison to the behind-the-scenes tenderness that Joe Biden showed his son Hunter in the hacked messages obtained by Rudy Giuliani shows how different the two men are at their very core — and makes it clear that America made the right choice by sending Trump packing.

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