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Another lawyer is suddenly jettisoned from the Trump legal team with no real explanation

Another lawyer is suddenly jettisoned from the Trump legal team with no real explanation

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The disarray in Donald Trump’s legal team has claimed another victim.

On the same day that the former New Jersey Governor and Trump administration insider Chris Christie said that “the conduct of the president’s legal team has been a national embarrassment,” White House correspondents are reporting that Rudy Giuliani has released a statement asserting that Sidney Powell — one of the most aggressive of the attorneys representing the president-deselect in his attempts to invalidate legitimate election results due to his unproven allegations of massive voter fraud — is no longer a member of the litigation team thrown together to contest those results.

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Speculation as to the reasons for Powell’s sudden departure from the least successful election contesting legal team in recent memory range from the internecine attacks on Georgia’s GOP Governor Brian Kemp — in the midst of a runoff election that will decide the winners of the two crucial Senate seats that will determine whether the control of that chamber will also be ceded to the Democrats or remain in the hands of the obstructionist current Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell — to the incompetence of the team’s filings in the cases lost to date.

It is also unclear whether her departure was voluntary or forced and, if involuntary, who made the decision to fire her.

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Twitter was abuzz with reactions to the news of Powell’s departure with many people placing the blame on the lame-duck president’s lack of loyalty to minions who sacrifice their integrity and reputation to unconditionally support someone who doesn’t have the slightest shred of reciprocal commitment.

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Others simply saw this latest development as par for the course in the bizarro world that is the Trump administration.

The Twitter responders above have covered all the possible reasons for Powell’s departure that one can imagine, but there is one unified theory that could provide a rationale, not just for the implosion of Trump’s legal team, but for all of his petulant post-election shenanigans, unlikely as it may sound.

Consider the possibility that Trump was so concerned about the lack of entertainment available to Americans now that the TV and movie industries have slowed their output to a crawl — due to the restrictions that the COVID-19 pandemic has placed on their productions — that he decided to stage this overly dramatic farce with election fraud as its subject purely for the shits and giggles it would provide the nation as his lawsuits progressed.

Granted, such an idea is antithetical to the common image of Trump as a self-involved narcissist who cares little to nothing about anyone except himself and perhaps some members of his family, but when all logic and reason seems to no longer apply to the events at hand, one must seek innovative reasons for the inexplicable.

If only the lame-duck president’s motivations could be so benign.

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