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Trump authorizes Biden Harris transition funds to be released and social media rejoices

Trump authorizes Biden Harris transition funds to be released and social media rejoices

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It certainly seemed like something was up today at the White House.

After all, Donald Trump’s Twitter feed had fallen silent since yesterday evening, something that rarely has occurred during the entire course of his presidency.

Then, as if the magic that Trump claimed the COVID-19 virus would disappear like began to work, the tweet suddenly appeared.

While not exactly a concession — and still promoting the delusional motion that his legal fight to overturn the ballots of hundreds of thousands of legitimate voters can succeed — the pressure from senior Republican politicians and leading corporate CEOs must have finally convinced Trump to allow the servile obstructionist heading the General Services Administration to begin authorizing the funds for the Biden-Harris transition to be released so that the work of preparing for the new administration can move forward unimpeded.

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Twitter commenters rejoiced at the news that reason, order, and normalcy may be finally returning to America’s political life, if ever so slowly, but spared Donald Trump no mercy over his continued insistence that he will continue to contest the foregone conclusion that the vote counts indicate.

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In the age of modern dentistry, perhaps pulling teeth is no longer the right metaphor to describe what it’s like to get Trump to make a final admission of defeat.

But in the absence of a formal concession statement — one that Trump’s fragile ego is unlikely to ever allow himself to deliver — this tweet is likely to be the closest we’ll come to a realization by the current president that he is as big a loser as his Twitter detractors (and the vote tallies) say that he is.

Sit back and enjoy the feeling while you can.

Trump still has 57 days and 17 hours left with his hands on the levers of power, and his track record shows that anything is still possible.

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