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Social media has a ball concocting hilarious scenarios for “Trump in 2024”

Social media has a ball concocting hilarious scenarios for “Trump in 2024”

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Donald Trump will soon willingly vacate White House grounds or be escorted off and the Biden administration will take over. While the defeated Republican leader has still refused to concede and will probably never do so, his people have finally begun the transition process. Biden will be your 46th president and the GOP knows it.

Trump, who still falsely claims that mass voter fraud stole the election from him, is reportedly already entertaining the idea of another run for president in 2024. There is no law forbidding a president from pursuing a second, non-consecutive term so the horrifying eventuality is not out of the question.

It’s unclear how seriously Trump is considering the option, but if he were to announce far in advance it would have the advantage of allowing him to remain in the limelight to service his turgid ego. At the same time, it could allow him to disingenuously paint any investigations into his administration’s countless crimes and boundless corruption as purely political in nature and geared towards 2024.

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A new poll from Politico/Morning Consult shows that the majority of Republicans, 54%, prefer Donald Trump as their 2024 nominee. Another poll, from Seven Letter Insight, found that 2/3 of Republicans support the idea of another Trump run, a clear sign that the party has learned nothing from the last four disastrous years and that Trumpism has rotted the GOP to its very core. Barring some cataclysmic shift in the party’s values (or demonstrable lack thereof), Democrats will be facing a neofascist party at the ballot box for years to come.

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Social media pounced on the idea of Trump 2024, cooking up some hilarious predictions, many of them built around the idea of Trump serving time in prison. Hopefully, that ends up being the actual end to his story. America has already suffered enough and the last thing we need now is another Trumpian campaign of racism, xenophobia, and conspiracy theorizing.

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