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Trump shares series of deeply bizarre videos about the election and attacking Fox News

Trump shares series of deeply bizarre videos about the election and attacking Fox News

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The Trump administration has finally caved and is now moving forward with assisting the incoming Biden administration’s transition. While the outgoing president still claims that he has a pathway to keeping the White House it’s clear from his actions that he no longer believes that to be true. The wheels are in motion and Joe Biden will, without a doubt, become the 46th President of the United States of America.

It’s likely that some Trump supporters will simply never accept the fact that their disastrous cult leader was fairly defeated at the ballot box and will instead cling to whatever conspiracy theories he tosses to them. His claims of mass voter fraud have proven to be completely unfounded and his legal arguments to turn the election in his favor have been thrown out of courts all across the country.

Even Fox News has started to push back on the paranoid, manufactured narratives of the president which has, in turn, caused MAGA voters to attack the conservative network, with many of them drifting towards the even more deranged,  more right-wing OAN and Newsmax, outlets which lack even the veneer of news and exist solely to pump out blatant pro-Trump lies. When confronted with reality they retreat deeper into delusion.

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Earlier this month, Trump used Twitter to attack Fox News for not supporting him enough in the 2020 election, a ridiculous claim given the way in which Fox consistently ignored his biggest mistakes and blunders and regularly pumped out anti-Biden messaging. In the tweet, Trump called himself a ratings “Golden Goose” and said Fox’s success was due to him.

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Today, Trump shared a series of tweets and videos from washed-up actor and noted supporter of his Randy Quaid. The first showed Quaid straddling a chair while ranting about a hodgepodge of laughable conservative fears, ranging from an imagined “socialist” takeover of America to the War on Christmas.

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Seemingly deciding that for some reason today was Randy Quaid day, the president then shared several false tweets about voter fraud.

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The final share was the most disturbing. It was a video of Quaid, shot in extreme closeup, performing Trump’s “Golden Goose” tweet and flicking his tongue like a snake while horror-film lighting flashed across his face.

Shared by any normal person it would have been bizarre, shared by the President of the United States it was downright deranged. It appears that the madness is only going to get worse before it’s finally banished for good on Inauguration Day. The president can tweet out as much weird stuff as he wants though, he won’t be president for much longer.

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