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Trump resurrects his “suckers and losers” scandal and weirdly tweets about the “roaring 20’s”

Trump resurrects his “suckers and losers” scandal and weirdly tweets about the “roaring 20’s”

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As he sits in the White House watching the last days of his failed presidency flitter by, Trump seems uninterested in doing little more than tweeting. His social media feed is a mix of retweets of delusional messages from his dead-end supporters and tweets he himself penned to make false claims that the election was stolen through deliberate, widespread voter fraud. It’s proving to be a pathetic, ignominious end for the worst president in American history and exactly the kind of petulant farewell many of his critics expected from him.

Today, he took a break from his halfhearted election misinformation campaign to bring up the old allegations that he referred to dead American WWI soldiers as “suckers and losers.” Trump claimed the reliable report has been “proven to be a total fabrication and lie,” which is itself a lie.

The administration denied the scandalous accusations at the time, but the administration is known for its flagrant mendacity. Since day one they have done nothing but lie to the American people so there is absolutely no reason to believe these denials now.

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After all, Donald Trump is the man who evaded service in the Vietnam War by claiming that he had bone spurs. He’s the same man who mocked John McCain for being a POW and attacked the family of a Gold Star recipient. For him, the military has never been anything more than a convenient political prop. He has no real respect for service.

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“IT WAS NEVER MADE!” Trump went on in his tweet, adding that the claim was made by an “‘anonymous’ fabricator, who is a major sleaze.” He then said that “25 strong witnesses” deny that he said such a thing about dead soldiers but conveniently failed to mention who these supposed witnesses were.

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“Welcome to the roaring 20’s!” he ended the tweet in an apparent non sequitur.

All in all, it was a supremely weird tweet with little explanation. Perhaps as he sits around pondering his loss it has dawned on him that his heinous remarks about the military could have hurt him in the election. Maybe he’s thinking about 2024 and wants to push back on old negative stories about him. Who can really tell what goes on in the degenerating brain of a monster such as this? Luckily, soon we will no longer have to care.

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