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Trump kicks off Thanksgiving with a truly pathetic tweet about Biden’s 80 million vote victory

Trump kicks off Thanksgiving with a truly pathetic tweet about Biden’s 80 million vote victory

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Whether you’re spending this pandemic Thanksgiving with friends, families, pets, or alone there is one thing we can all be thankful for this year: Donald Trump lost the election and will soon be forced to vacate the White House.

Trump’s efforts to overturn the will of the American people and rob President-elect Joe Biden of his rightful win have proven fruitless, with most of his lukewarm legal attempts to do so getting laughed out of court. His claims that widespread voter fraud cost him victory have proven to be nothing more than fanciful lies completely lacking in evidence and he’s run out of real options to weasel out a second term.

Despite his undeniable victory, Trump still refuses to concede and likely will never do so. He will almost certainly be claiming till his dying day that the election was stolen from him by a vast Democratic conspiracy.

As many Americans grapple with a holiday made difficult by an inability to travel to see their loved ones, Trump decided to make the day all about himself with the latest of his pathetic tweets.

Trump stated that he has seen the vote tabulations and that he thinks there is “NO WAY Biden got 80,000,000 votes!!!” Yesterday, NPR reported that Biden has crossed the 80 million popular vote threshold with Trump lagging behind at around 74 million. For the vanquished Republican leader this count only adds insult to injury as it not only strips him of the White House but means that Biden received more votes than any president in American history.

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Of course, Trump, a creature who amounts to nothing more than toxic ego bound to corporeal form, is pathologically incapable of admitting that he suffered such a crushing defeat. The American people rejected him en masse and the majority of the country appears to deeply despise the man.

“This was a 100% RIGGED ELECTION,” he ended the tweet, repeating the same pathetic lie that he’s been using to balm his wounded pride weeks. At this point, the only people who believe him are the most deluded MAGA dead-enders.

Donald Trump lost. Donald Trump will soon be gone. America will soon be back.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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