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Trump abruptly reverses position, sets “unsolvable” requirement for Biden to entering White House

Trump abruptly reverses position, sets “unsolvable” requirement for Biden to entering White House

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Nearly a month after the election, Donald Trump is still insisting on delegitimizing the 2020 election and casting doubt on its integrity. Every day for three weeks, the soon-to-be-ex-president has promoted baseless accusations of mass voter fraud and ridiculous conspiracy theories from the right-wing brain-worm propaganda machine, refusing to concede the election and instead choosing to die on the hill of a disgracefully childish tantrum.

While it had appeared earlier this week that Donald Trump had accepted that he would have to vacate the White House if the Electoral College voted him out, on Friday he abruptly reversed his position, setting a condition for his departure that president-elect Joe Biden has already fulfilled but Trump will not accept.

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Trump tweeted out that Biden could only enter the White House if he could prove that his “ridiculous” 80 million votes were not “fraudulently or illegally obtained.” He even admits in the message that it is an “unsolvable problem,” making it obvious that this is nothing more than the kind of logical ploy that a child might come up with to avoid having to allow their younger sister into their treehouse.

There has been no evidence of massive voter fraud, despite all the president’s baseless claims to the contrary — which he also made in 2016 despite having won the election by a much smaller margin than Biden did.

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Once the electoral college votes to confirm Joe Biden as president, there’s nothing that Trump can do to save himself — though we do appreciate him leaving the door open to being physically dragged out of the White House by the Secret Service, which would be the most fitting end imaginable to the second-worst presidency in American history.

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