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Trump shares bizarre video comparing himself to a literal lion fighting hyenas

Trump shares bizarre video comparing himself to a literal lion fighting hyenas

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The historic defeat of Donald Trump at the hands of President-elect Joe Biden should have been enough to dispel the lingering myth that the former reality TV star is some kind of strongman with preternatural political instincts. In the end, it turns out he is exactly what liberals thought all along: an ignorant, racist plutocrat who managed to weasel his way into the White House thanks to vast inherited wealth, a lifetime of privilege, and a campaign built almost entirely on blatant bigotry.

Somehow though, despite an election that can only be described as a clear repudiation of Trumpism, the MAGA movement still clings to its disgraced and defeated leader. Many Republicans have decided to abandon the very last vestiges of their reason and embrace Trump’s completely false claim that he actually won the election and that Biden is trying to steal it through widespread voter fraud. It’s the kind of accusation that is laughed off by rational people and desperately clung to by Trump cultists.

In order to service his ego and avoid admitting that he was rejected by the American people, Trump continues to stoke the flames of his base’s paranoia with vague tweets and constant misinformation. Today, he retweeted a bizarre video from White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications Dan Scavino saying that it contained “So much truth!”

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Originally posted by Scavino on November 21st, the video depicts BBC footage of a lion contending with and defeating a pack of hyenas. As the clips roll past, dramatic music builds and a voiceover of Christopher Walken’s character from the 2002 film Poolhall Junkies is heard. Walken talks about a lion lying on the ground, slowly getting irritated by smaller animals until he “tears the sh*t out of everybody.” The little segment ends inexplicably with Rick Ross’s hit song “Hustlin.”

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The intended subtext of the asinine clip is clear: Trump is a powerful lion and the Democrats and Fake News Media are smaller animals about to be torn to shreds by him. Imagine for a moment how deeply you must have drunk from the MAGA Kool-Aid  to see any similarities at all between a geriatric, morbidly obese man with questionable cognitive abilities and a literal lion. If these people weren’t so deeply cruel they might actually deserve our sympathy.

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