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Trump team trashes Trump-appointed judge after he scathingly tosses out their election lawsuit

Trump team trashes Trump-appointed judge after he scathingly tosses out their election lawsuit

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On Friday, President Trump and his right-hand-man Rudy Giuliani’s crackpot campaign to steal the 2020 election by way of court ruling was dealt yet another stunning defeat, this time by a Trump-appointed judge on the Third Circuit Appeals Court who was not buying any of the Trump team’s bullshit.

In a scathing rejection, Circuit Judge Bibas ruled that the Trump campaign’s insinuations of voter fraud in Pennsylvania had “no merit” and didn’t provide any evidence whatsoever to back up their ludicrous allegations. “Calling an election unfair does not make it so. Charges require specific allegations and then proof. We have neither here,” wrote an extremely dismissive Judge Bibas.

The judge’s ruling makes it clear that the entire lawsuit was nothing but smoke and mirrors designed to appease the president and his supporters while accomplishing nothing but wasting the time of everyone involved. The Giuliani team didn’t actually claim that any fraud had occurred or that any illegal ballots had been cast, but simply objected that some counties had “restricted poll watchers” and let voters fix “technical defects” in their mail-in ballots.

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Shockingly, the judge’s chastisement failed to have any impact on the Trump team, who immediately trashed the judge — who, we must remind you, was appointed by Donald Trump himself — as an “activist” who was working to cover up “the allegations of massive fraud” which, again, the Trump team did not include in their lawsuit.

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The whole thing is a childish and extremely lazy performance of idiot kabuki for the benefit of Donald Trump and the most gullible of his devoted supporters, whose carefully constructed and incredibly delusional worldviews are predicated on a victimhood complex that by necessity requires the actions of some mysterious evil force — the deep state, antifa, fake news media, biased family court judges — to explain away why they aren’t winning.

It’s hard to see the Supreme Court taking up a case so obviously devoid of substance — and Trump’s fans are in for a harsh awakening if they continue to cling to the dream that somehow Giuliani is going to be able to sue his way to an electoral victory.

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