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Obama’s CIA director shreds “simple-minded” “bad lawyer” Ted Cruz in biting exchange

Obama’s CIA director shreds “simple-minded” “bad lawyer” Ted Cruz in biting exchange

On Friday morning, an Iranian nuclear scientist was brutally murdered on the outskirts of Tehran in a despicable act of terrorism. Suspected to have been perpetrated by Israeli agents, the gunning down of a man of science in broad daylight simply because he may have worked on the long-shuttered Iranian nuclear missile program nearly two decades ago represents not only a reckless escalation of tensions but also a flagrant violation of international law.

A surprisingly harsh condemnation came from President Obama’s former CIA director, John Brennan, who pointed the finger at Donald Trump’s disregard for international norms and complete abandonment of American leadership for pushing us towards conflict and turning a blind eye to the increasingly reckless and vicious behavior from America’s Israeli allies.

As the former CIA director, Brennan is no stranger to state-sponsored murder himself and is almost certainly responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians in America’s covert drone wars. But his condemnation is admittedly refreshing and an unexpected show of pushback against an appalling act of terrorism by an American ally.

The significance of his response was made immediately clear by Sen. Ted Cruz, who immediately began howling with fury at the slightest implied criticism of Israel and accused Brennan of “siding with Iranian zealots” for thinking it’s not acceptable to murder a scientist in another country for no reason.

This provoked a biting response from Brennan, who accurately dinged the baby-brained Senator as a “simple-minded man” who had a “lawless attitude” who was “unworthy to represent the good people of Texas.”

Cruz responded by trying to ding Brennan for being cool in the 70s and repeated the widely debunked myth that the Obama administration “gave” $150 billion to Iran, reminding us all that Cruz is not just stupid but a liar too.

In a truly ridiculous twist, Ted Cruz began promoting the idea that Brennan had violated the Logan Act, which was used to prosecute former Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. The Logan Act has only been used to indict one official some 217 years ago and exists to prevent officials from interfering in U.S. foreign policy.

This prompted another fusillade from Brennan, who ripped into Cruz as a “poor Senator” and a “bad lawyer.”

It is infuriating to see a United States Senator can comport himself with such stunning ignorance and feral malice — and how deeply the Trumpian brain rot has wormed itself into Republicans across the board. It should not be controversial to denounce an act of murder against an unarmed and innocent civilian and certainly should not inspire hysterical accusations of treasonous disloyalty and childish insults. Ted Cruz once again goes out of his way to remind us why he’s one of the most despised men in American politics.

Colin Taylor
Opinion columnist and former editor-in-chief of Occupy Democrats. He graduated from Bennington College with a Bachelor's degree in history and political science. He now focuses on advancing the cause of social justice and equality in America.

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