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Ted Cruz brutally roasted after claiming that the GOP is “the party of the working class”

Ted Cruz brutally roasted after claiming that the GOP is “the party of the working class”

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The depths of Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz’s hypocrisy and his willingness to deceive voters know no bounds.

Despite the reality of the defeat of the Republican Party’s disastrous incumbent candidate in the 2020 election, Cruz has not even temporarily ceased in his efforts to smear the Democratic Party as out of touch with the concerns of what the GOP prejudicially regards as “real” Americans, the working class, blue-collar citizens whom the Republicans have studiously undermined for decades with their policies designed to increasingly benefit solely the oligarch class in this country.

Today, Senator Cruz had the nerve to tweet out this risible post claiming an Orwellian reversal of facts that is so easily disproven that a kindergartener could likely refute his ridiculous assertion.

It’s amazing that Senator Cruz could believe that anyone could take anything he says seriously after making this seriously untruthful and deliberately misleading statement.

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After all the Republican Party under the Trump administration not only passed a tax bill that plunged the nation into further debt, setting up a financial situation that has led them to now claiming that they will need to look at cutting entitlements to stay solvent — GOP code for slashing Social Security and Medicare — but they have spent months refusing to pass a pandemic relief bill that will put money into the pockets of those very working-class citizens who need it the most during these trying times of job loses, unemployment, evictions, and foreclosures.

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The astute observers in the Twitterverse noted Ted Cruz’s cynical dishonesty and gave him pieces of their minds in their replies to his misbegotten tweet, noting his own extravagant net worth and his marriage to the Managing Director of financial giant Goldman Sachs as reasons that his views on the working class emanate from a distant and disconnected perspective.

Perhaps Senator Cruz should simply accept the defeat of the man who has humiliated him time and time again with insults about his wife’s physical appearance and conspiracy theories about his father and keep silent until President-elect Biden begins taking actions that will truly help the working class.

Cruz’s voting record going forward will surely prove that his much-mocked tweet claiming that the GOP is the party of the working class is among the biggest lies he’s ever told after learning at the feet of his master, the defeated president.

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