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Reporter Brian J. Karem torches Kayleigh McEnany for calling him a “misogynist” for asking questions

Reporter Brian J. Karem torches Kayleigh McEnany for calling him a “misogynist” for asking questions

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In just one long month, our collective minds might be relieved from the constant barrage of breathtaking hypocrisy and utter lack of self-awareness; perhaps in a year or so, we might once again be able to process irony with some modicum of enjoyment rather than the teeth-clenching numbness that four years of a Donald Trump presidency has left us.

But that light at the end of the tunnel is still several weeks away, and until then we’re going to have to put up with the outrageous pearl-clutching of people like his press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, who on Tuesday morning complained that it was “misogynist” for PLAYBOY reporter Brian Karem to ask tough “chauvinistic” questions to “female women” like herself.

Those “chauvinistic questions” include such incredibly sexist queries like “why do you lie so much” and “why won’t the President do anything about the bounties on U.S. soldiers?”

It could not be more obvious that her sudden concern for misogyny is simply a lazy attempt to hijack the language of social justice in order to tear down a member of the White House press corps who is particularly relentless in his efforts to hold the Trump administration accountable for their heinous policies. Perhaps shouting questions at her as she walks away isn’t the most polite way to go about it, but given her refusal to offer any substantial answers or respond to questions that aren’t softballs from pro-Trump propaganda outlets, Karem has very few options at his disposal.

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On top of that, it is absolutely laughable for her to complain about the misogyny of a Playboy reporter since Donald Trump himself has appeared on the cover of Playboy magazine and even appeared in a 2000 softcore Playboy pornographic film — and has been credibly accused of serial sexual harassment, assault, and rape by over 20 different women. Seeing as she’s devoted her life to publicly defending Trump and everything he does, it’s clear that fighting against misogyny is not exactly high on her list of priorities.

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Brian Karem himself fired back with a biting response that put the Press Secretary squarely in her place:

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