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Republican Governor ignores White House phone call on national TV as he certifies votes

Republican Governor ignores White House phone call on national TV as he certifies votes

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The civil war within the Republican Party continues to rage, pitting the cult of MAGA against what could perhaps be generously described as the saner elements of the GOP. Due to a steady stream of lies from the White House about widespread voter fraud, the former faction has convinced itself that President Trump was robbed of his rightful election victory by a Democratic conspiracy to steal votes. The latter group recognizes that Trump lost by an astounding margin to Biden and that there is no way at this point that Trump will have a second term.

Recognizing this reality, the saner group is moving ahead with certifying the election and preparing for a Biden administration which is, in turn, incensing the Trumpists who see such rational behavior as an unforgivable betrayal. The president’s delusional attacks on the Republican governor of Georgia—a man who has long been a vocal supporter of his—for refusing to reverse the election show that Trump is not above setting his own party on fire on the way out. The message is clear: past loyalty to the president will not protect you from his ire. Either you throw your lot in with him in his quest to destroy our democracy or you’re marked as an enemy.

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Last night, Rachel Maddow ran a segment on Arizona’s Governor Doug Ducey (R). A longtime supporter of Trump, Ducey has bragged in the past that Vice President Pence and President Trump call him so frequently that they have their own ringtone on his phone: “Hail to the Chief,” the official anthem of the President of the United States. Unfortunately for the governor, his pathetic sycophancy earned him no leniency with Trump when it came to the election, and yesterday the president accused him on Twitter of betraying the people of Arizona.

A clear sign of the falling out between Ducey and the White House came as the govenor was certifying Arizona’s vote. While cameras were rolling and the governor sat at his desk, his phone rang and “Hail to the Chief” played. Rather than answer the phone and speak to the vice president or president, Ducey took the phone out, hit ignore, and went back to what he was doing. A call he would have never dared to miss before is now no more important than one from an irritating telemarketer.

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The rift within the party continues to grow.

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