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Trump makes laughable claim that a “large truck” full of fake ballots robbed him of victory

Trump makes laughable claim that a “large truck” full of fake ballots robbed him of victory

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Around the same time that Attorney General William Barr was announcing that the Justice Department has failed to find evidence of mass voter fraud in the 2020 election, his boss President Trump was on Twitter pumping out more lies about how the Democrats stole the election from him.

The president’s claims about fraud have grown so outlandish that even Fox News has become hesitant to spread them so Trump and his MAGA cultists have begun to migrate to even further right outlets like OANN, where unhinged conspiracy theories and blatant lies are gleefully trafficked on a daily basis. Trumpers have no interest in anything even resembling the truth at this point, they just want to have their paranoid beliefs confirmed and repeated.

In his tweet, Trump wrote that he hoped “everybody is watching @OANN right now” because they’re showing things that other networks are “afraid to show.” The reality, of course, is not that CNN and MSNBC and Fox News are “afraid” to say what OANN is saying, it’s that these legacy networks know that OANN’s stories are pure fabricated rubbish, the kind of things that would have once been relegated to fringe corners of the internet.

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“People are coming forward like never before,” Trump went on, presumably referring to unsubstantiated and unreliable witnesses who claim to have seen voter fraud operations unfolding. So far, none of these people have been able to provide any real proof to back up their allegations.

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“Large truck carrying hundreds of thousands of fraudulent (FAKE) ballots to a voting center?” TERRIBLE – SAVE AMERICA!” Trump added, blasting out a completely baseless story to his tens of millions of followers. The cartoonish image of a massive truck rolling up to a vote-counting center and unloading piles and piles of fake ballots is one that no rational person would take seriously but one which Trumpists desperate for an explanation for their loss are sure to eat up in droves.

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As for his final exhortation, that we must “SAVE AMERICA,” that’s already been done. The American people chose to save their country when they voted this pathologically mendacious, would-be authoritarian out of the White House. In just 50 days, President-elect Joe Biden will finally sweep the trash out for good.

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