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Democrats erupt in fury as Republicans try to skip town without relief bill

Democrats erupt in fury as Republicans try to skip town without relief bill

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On a day when the nation set new records for new cases, deaths, and hospitalizations for COVID-19, on a day when millions of Americans face food insecurity and are threatened with imminent eviction or foreclosure, on a day that is one of the few days left before the 116th United States Congress’ term will expire on January 3rd, a Republican lawmaker moved to adjourn the legislative session without passing any of the vital legislation needed to provide relief to people devastated by the effects of the pandemic, to stimulate the economy, and to prevent state and local governments from running out of funds that pay the salaries of government workers like police officers, social workers, and firefighters.

Congressman Andy Biggs (R-AZ) is known as a hardline right-wing Trump supporter who has consistently downplayed the extent and seriousness of the coronavirus outbreak and denigrated the expertise of medical professionals during the pandemic, including calling for the ouster of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top epidemiologist.

Representative Biggs called on the House of Representatives to adjourn because he was upset that so many of his Democratic colleagues were taking the pandemic seriously enough to cast their votes via Zoom video conferences, rather than appearing in-person on the House floor.

“They’re going to phone in their votes!” Biggs ranted on the House floor. “They should be here if this meant everything that they say it does!”

While Biggs’ lack of concern for the health of others is not the least bit surprising given that extreme selfishness is one of the most important unwritten planks of the GOP platform, his Democratic counterparts were outraged at his motion to shut down the legislative body before it has completed some of the most important tasks that it must wrap up before the new Congress takes office.

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Democratic legislators took to Twitter to express their amazed indignation at Congressman Biggs’ frivolous and counterproductive motion.

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How any working-class American could continue to support a Republican party that clearly couldn’t care less about their welfare is one of the enduring political mysteries of our time.

The only way to stop GOP obstructionism and ensure that Congress has the ability to pass legislation that benefits more than just the Republican party’s wealthy donor class is to flip the Senate by electing Jon Ossoff and Reverend Raphael Warnock in the Georgia runoffs.

Here’s a link where you can donate to help contribute to that necessary end.

Meanwhile, congressional Democrats will have to endure failed stalling tactics from GOP members who like to display their heartlessness publicly with values that wouldn’t pass muster with any Sunday school teacher in the country.

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