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Ivanka opens a Pandora’s box of mockery by comparing herself to three past presidents

Ivanka opens a Pandora’s box of mockery by comparing herself to three past presidents

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Thanks in large part to Donald Trump and his enablers in the conservative media, conspiracy theories have deeply infected our body politic. A non-negligible portion of the Republican Party now holds a range of truly insane beliefs, ranging from the conviction that a cabal of Satanic pedophiles secretly run the Democratic Party to the sincere insistence that the COVID-19 pandemic is a hoax perpetrated by a global shadowy elite. The latter theory, while at face-value laughably absurd, presents a real problem as the nations of the world gear up to roll out the coronavirus vaccine.

If MAGA-heads are convinced that COVID-19 is fake and that the vaccine is actually a way for powerful men like Bill Gates to clandestinely implant microchips in their bodies (something some people actually believe), it stands to reason that they’ll refuse to get vaccinated. This refusal will in turn make it hard to curb the spread of the virus and dampen the vaccine’s efficacy overall.

In the hopes of combatting this idiocy, former president Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton have offered to receive the vaccine in public to allay the paranoid concerns. If the administering of the vaccine is actually a plot by the Illuminati, or Reptilians, or Martians to inject something sinister into the bodies of unwitting citizens, it stands to reason that they wouldn’t allow such prominent public figures to suffer the consequences on the world stage. It’s sad that our collective faith in science has eroded to this low point, but the three former presidents can be commended for stepping up.

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Someone who should not be commended is First Daughter Ivanka Trump. She read the news about Obama, Bush, and Clinton and saw it not as an opportunity to thank them for their contributions but rather to aggrandize herself. She shared a link to the story on her Twitter saying that she applauds the former presidents’ offer before adding: “My offer holds to do the same.”

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The implication is clearly that she is of the same caliber as these leaders despite her complete lack of accomplishments and the fact that she has only seen the inside of the White House due to flagrant nepotism. Clearly, Ivanka has inherited the same ridiculously inflated sense of self-worth that has characterized her father’s entire career. It should come as little surprise that Twitter users were less than thrilled with her egomaniacal offer.

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