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Social media collapses in tears of laughter after Giuliani farts in 2020 election hearing

Social media collapses in tears of laughter after Giuliani farts in 2020 election hearing

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As the end of the disastrous Trump era finally draws near, perhaps no figure better encapsulates the pointless ugliness of the past for years like Rudy Giuliani, the attorney for the president currently spearheading his efforts to overturn the election.

For weeks, the former New York City mayor has been caping about the country, making baseless allegations of widespread voter fraud while spinning up ludicrous conspiracy theories that would make even Alex Jones blush. Giuliani’s farcical press conferences have quickly become the stuff of legend, from the now-infamous one that was for some reason held at Four Seasons Total Landscapes to the one during which he appeared to drip hair dye all over his pallid face.

The man who was once affectionately referred to as “America’s Mayor” and who stood astride the cover of TIME magazine like the brazen giant of Greek fame has, in his twilight years, become a walking absurdity deserving of nothing but scorn. That is is not to say that the dangers his assault on our election pose should be downplayed, but rather that he should be ridiculed every time the opportunity presents itself. He can be simultaneously a serious threat to our collective faith in the Republic and a bad joke made flesh.

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Yesterday, Giuliani appeared before a Michigan House panel to present his “proof” that the election was stolen. Not surprisingly, this “proof” consisted almost entirely of uncredible witnesses (including one woman who appeared to be embarrassingly inebriated) and the lawmakers seemed unswayed by Mr. Giuliani’s arguments. At this point, it’s clear to all but the most fanatical MAGA dead-enders that Joe Biden won the election and will be sworn in as our 46th president in January.

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The hearing was exactly the kind of dog and pony show one would expect from a team that has seen its cases laughed out court after court but a moment of genuine surprise emerged when, during his comments, Giuliani appeared to fart on the microphone. He didn’t acknowledge the gross noise and continued on with his inane remarks, but the moment was caught on camera and quickly went viral on Twitter with hilarious results…

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