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Trump fanatic Senator Marsha Blackburn sparks outrage with heinously racist tweet

Trump fanatic Senator Marsha Blackburn sparks outrage with heinously racist tweet

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While Republicans have never been too shy about their palpable disgust for non-white cultures, the ascent of Donald Trump and his personal brand of repulsive racism has unleashed an open season of hatred and discrimination from conservatives on the rest of the world, even from sitting United States Senators who likely will have to deal with foreign dignitaries at one point or another.

Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tenessee started a stir on social media this afternoon when she declared that “China has a 5,000 history of cheating and stealing.” It’s unclear what prompted this appalling outburst, but it is as factually incorrect as it is offensive to behold. Humans in China developed one of the world’s first civilizations thousands of years before Marsha Blackburn’s ancestors would come to the United States and steal the land from its native inhabitants; to reduce it to a “history of cheating and stealing” doesn’t even make sense on any level beyond a nonsensical, primal expression of incoherent prejudice.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, Donald Trump and the rest of the Republican Party have engaged in a concentrated demonization campaign against China, who they unfairly blame for allowing the COVID-19 virus to spread throughout the world and even intimate did so deliberately. Rather than take any initiative to contain the pandemic here in the United States, Trump and the GOP have decided to point fingers while actively encouraging the populace to defy state efforts to stop the spread of the disease.

All they’ve accomplished is triggering a 1,900% jump in the rate of anti-Asian hate crimes from the president’s bigoted followers and a coronavirus death toll that far surpasses that of any other country.

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But the Republican Party is a death cult; while they studiously ignore the rising death toll and their own fingerprints upon the reaper’s scythe, their supposed “leaders” like Marsha Blackburn waste their time hysterically screaming hyperbolic nonsense at other countries.

Social media immediately let her have it:




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