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Eric Trump dogpiled for trying to use a quote from his wife to attack election results

Eric Trump dogpiled for trying to use a quote from his wife to attack election results

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The Trump children owe everything they have to their criminal father and the flagrant nepotism that has rained down on them since birth. They are creatures of insulated privilege and much like their father, seem pathologically incapable of empathy or honesty.

Over the past four years, Ivanka, Donald Trump Jr., and Eric have functioned more like media lapdogs for President Trump than family members. They have proven to be unquestioningly loyal to their father in the public eye and endorse every cruel policy he enacts and every vile statement that slithers out of his mouth. When the damage of the Trump years is finally fully tabulated, his three sociopathic children will deserve a healthy portion of the blame as his co-conspirators.

Rather than recognizing that history will judge them for their part in their father’s disastrous reign and perhaps trying to distance themselves from that legacy now that he’s been defeated by President-elect Joe Biden, the Trump children are going all-in on the president’s lies. Trump continues to insist that he actually won the election and that mass voter fraud robbed him of his rightful victory, a patently false claim that has been amplified by his media surrogates, his attorneys, and his children.

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Today, Eric Trump tweeted out a quote from his wife Lara, making it abundantly clear that she is every bit as delusional as her husband. “Legitimate ballots do not come packed in a suitcase,” Eric tweeted, making sure to tag his wife’s username in the message.

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The “suitcase” is a reference to a popular yet already-debunked right-wing conspiracy theory that claims a piece of luggage stuffed with fraudulent ballots was used to tip the Georgia election to Joe Biden. Republican election officials have dismissed the cartoonish claim, which of course will do nothing to dissuade the unhinged MAGA hordes from treating it as Gospel truth.

By blasting out this tweet, Eric Trump once again showed how little he actually cares about our democracy. He and his despicable siblings will happily undermine faith in our elections to please their father. One also can’t rule out the possibility that Eric is deeply afraid of his father getting booted out of the White House because it could mean the Department of Justice will start investigating possible crimes committed by his family. After all, why would President Trump be considering pardons for his three eldest children if they have nothing to hide?

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