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Social media explodes over Matt Gaetz and creepy old guys at secret “Young Republican” gala

Social media explodes over Matt Gaetz and creepy old guys at secret “Young Republican” gala

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As if hellbent on confirming the widespread criticisms that Republicans simply do not care about the COVID-19 pandemic, the New York Young Republican Club held a “secret gala” at a location which, while undisclosed, was ultimately not even in New York state according to The New York Times.

The president of the NYYRC, 26-year-old Gavin Wax, was unapologetic about holding such a dangerous event even as coronavirus cases surge. The Daily Beast reports that the Facebook page for the clandestine party showed 65 people had indicated their intention to attend. Wax refused to reveal the location, claiming that he was worried about putting his guests in danger from “violent left-wing attacks.”

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), one of the president’s most obsequious Congressional toadies, gleefully attended the gala and even allowed photos of himself to be taken maskless and packed in tight with other partygoers. James O’Keefe, the hack right-wing operative behind Project Veritas, also showed up at the event as a headline speaker. When The New York Times reached out to the organization for comment on O’Keefe’s attendance they were told he was unavailable for comment.

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Not long after the communication director for Project Veritas sandbagged The New York Times, O’Keefe reached out to a NYT reporter and tried to convince them to “spy” on the newspaper on behalf of Veritas.

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“We’d love to give you one of our hidden cameras, and maybe you could speak with Mr. Baquet,” O’Keefe said. Dean Baquet is the executive editor of the Times. Not surprisingly, the reporter declined to take O’Keefe up on the ludicrous offer.

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Simply holding the possible superspreader event apparently wasn’t enough for Wax because afterward, he shared images of the gathering on Twitter including the utterly inane caption: “Eat shit Antifa. God bless America. @NYYRC” The suggestion that resisting “Antifa” has anything to do with the event, which ultimately amounted to an excuse for ghoulish, wealthy conservatives to hobnob and get drunk, is frankly hilariously. In fact, if Antifa is really an enemy of Wax’s they are probably thrilled that he so willingly endangered himself and his closest allies.

The responses to Wax’s tweet were brutal, with many Twitter users quick to point out that none of the people in the photo for the New York Young Republican Club appeared to be particularly young.

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