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Ocasio-Cortez rips into Dan Crenshaw after audio leaks of him mocking food & bev industry workers

Ocasio-Cortez rips into Dan Crenshaw after audio leaks of him mocking food & bev industry workers

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The Republican Party likes to pretend they represent the working families of America, but are so disgustingly arrogant they can’t help but tell on themselves whenever the opportunity presents itself.

On Saturday afternoon, a storm erupted on social media with a new recording of up-and-coming GOP blowhard Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) mocking Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s past occupation, which you must know by now was working as a bartender.

“Chuck Schumer is controlled by people like AOC, who believes the biggest hardship in life was figuring out whether it was still or sparkling and you don’t know hardship until you’ve cried in the back!” quipped Crenshaw at a campaign stop for GA Senate hopeful David Perdue.

It is revolting to hear Crenshaw demean hospitality industry workers so callously. The Texas Congressman was referencing a recent tweet by his colleague from New York, completely missing the point that Ocasio-Cortez was trying to make: that waiters and waitresses are forced to work incredibly long hours with their pay entirely dependent on how well they cater to the whims of abusive, self-entitled slugs like Crenshaw who find it acceptable or even amusing to berate their servers over the pettiest of mistakes.

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On top of that, servers very rarely get any benefits and are extremely vulnerable to sexual harassment and emotional abuse at the hands of their often tyrannical managers. Their lot has gotten even worse during the pandemic, as servers have been forced to risk exposing themselves to a deadly disease to make their paychecks at jobs that don’t provide any healthcare or even pay them anything resembling a living wage.

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Ocasio-Cortez quickly responded and hammered Crenshaw for his cruelty and highlighting how the Republican Party and all of its members are servers in their own right — making sure that the wealthy elites have spit-shined boots while working Americans are left to suffer.

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