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Trump announces that Rudy Giuliani has caught COVID and social media erupts in derision

Trump announces that Rudy Giuliani has caught COVID and social media erupts in derision

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One of the last remaining troops in Donald Trump’s army of attorneys — the ones fighting to parley a paucity of actual evidence of voter fraud into a reversal of America’s clear decision to boot him out of office — has fallen…at least temporarily.

The losing incumbent president announced on his Twitter feed this afternoon that the lead attorney managing his legal team’s abysmal series of court defeats, the former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, has contracted COVID-19 in an ironic coda to the unprecedented 2020 election and Trump’s subsequent denial of the election’s legitimacy.

Unsurprisingly, the defeated incumbent vowed to carry on his quixotic fight against the inevitability of the inauguration of President Joe Biden in just 45 days, while referring to the virus that has brought down his primary lawyer with a racist name, instead of the term that many angry Americans have begun referring to it as in light of the outgoing president’s massive failures in addressing the resurgent pandemic — The Trump virus.

The announcement was particularly surprising given the fact that Giuliani was seen just hours earlier on Fox New‘s Sunday Morning Futures speaking with anchor Maria Bartiromo while peddling a wild conspiracy theory that “somebody in Washington” had coordinated the theft of the election from Donald Trump.

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While Trump’s announcement of the news about Giuliani’s medical condition likely violates laws about disclosing the private health details of others publicly, it did not prevent an avalanche of schadenfreude-laden posts on social media commenting on the hair-dye-dripping legal representative’s condition.

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While it may be difficult at this point to muster up much sympathy for a man so hell-bent on destroying our democratic institutions by eroding the public trust in the security of our election mechanisms, one must feel a modicum of regret for those who were forced to come into contact with the infectious attorney at his “hearings” in Michigan and Georgia last week while trying to convince GOP state legislators to undermine the will of their states’ voters.

Special sympathy has to be afforded to the poor masked woman sitting next to Giuliani at the hearing in Michigan earlier this week whom he requested remove her facial covering so that he could hear her better.

While there is no word yet on the severity of Typhoid Giuliani’s symptoms outside of the obvious intestinal distress he exhibited publicly earlier this week, one can only hope that he hasn’t managed to increase the case count significantly in his travels around the country shilling for Trump’s futile attempt to deny his inevitable loss.

With Giuliani likely to receive the same privileged access to the advanced treatments that helped Trump himself recuperate from his bout with the disease, there is little need to wish him a speedy recovery.

Ler’s just hope that his infirmity includes the persistent coughing that will prevent him from speaking at length about the president’s delusional election fraud claims and keeps him sidelined until the electoral college confirms Joe Biden as the true winner of the presidential election.

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