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London Madame Tussaud’s is already dressing dummy Trump for retirement

London Madame Tussaud’s is already dressing dummy Trump for retirement

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While Donald Trump continues to insist that, no really, he WON the election against Joe Biden despite all evidence to the contrary, the rest of the world has already moved on.

The renowned tourist attraction Madame Tussaud’s wax museum in London has already started to revamp its Trump exhibit for a new era by changing its waxen replica of the 45th American president out of its boring presidential suit and tie and dressing it up in the more characteristic golf resort wear that the disgraced president will be likely to be wearing before he may be forced to exchange it for prison stripes.

Here’s a shot of how Trump was initially portrayed by the London branch of the famous hall of wax replicas of the famous and the infamous.

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There is no word on whether the museum also bothered to change the Depends on the waxen effigy at the same time as the wardrobe renewal.

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Compared to the Berlin branch of Madame Tussaud’s, the London museum was a model of restraint.

Even before the fateful election day that confirmed Trump’s fate as a massive loser, the Berlin outpost of the waxworks redesigned their exhibit featuring a Trump mannequin, still wearing an appropriately presidential suit, into a tableau of political prognostication.

The displayed the Trump dummy (please excuse the redundancy) in a trash bin festooned with a Dump Trump sign and surrounded by faux tweets and stuffed garbage bags with a caption in German that read:

“The US elections are imminent and we are making room for the next president.”

Add your name to tell Trump: You Lost! Concede!

The incredibly life-like full-sized wax figurines of Trump are actually a better substitute for the soon-to-be-ex-president than the real thing.

The mute statues do not lie or cheat.

They don’t tweet.

They don’t attempt to destroy democracy with their phony claims of election fraud.

They don’t try to con their supporters out of millions of dollars using fraud claims as a cynical ploy to rake in the dough.

While their IQs are a smidgen lower than the living version of Donald Trump, at least they don’t display their stupidity by speaking or making social media posts.

Too bad we didn’t substitute Madame Tussaud’s version of Donald Trump for the one in the White House!

The last four years would surely have been a hell of a lot easier if we had.

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