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Trump escalates his attacks again Republican governor and implies he’s “hiding” something sinister

Trump escalates his attacks again Republican governor and implies he’s “hiding” something sinister

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One would think that Donald Trump is a sucker for humiliation given the number of times that he seemingly wants to relive his election loss to Joe Biden in the multiple swing states where he continues against all odds and common sense to contest the balloting as fraudulent and fatally flawed.

Yet on a day when the Georgia state election officials are set to re-certify the results after a third recount of the ballots continued to stubbornly show Trump losing the state’s electoral college votes to Biden, here is the rejected candidate posting yet another tweet desperately condemning the Republican Governor of Georgia to illegally intervene with yet another audit of the mail-in votes, this time hoping that an analysis of signature matching will disqualify enough Biden votes to reverse the outcome.

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The internecine fighting in the GOP is a lovely sight to behold, particularly as the balance of power in the United States Senate will be determined by the January  5th runoff elections in Georgia, and the fracturing of Republican party unity does not bode well for an efficient political machine or the success of efforts to convince Trump supporters to turn out when they are being bombarded with messages telling them that the voting process is corrupt and the outcome fixed.

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It couldn’t have helped that Trump spent the bulk of his Saturday night rally in Georgia — ostensibly an event to support the two Republican incumbents, Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler — talking about himself and continuing to rail against a fraudulent voting process in the state, that is when he wasn’t fear-mongering with tales of socialist farm seizures targeting white farmers.

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Trump’s focus on signature verification as a method of disqualifying a sufficient number of ballots to deliver him a dishonest victory is facing pushback from Georgia Governor Brian Kemp who continues to claim that he does not have the authority under the state’s constitution to order such an audit and who is reluctant to call a special legislative session to overturn the will of the electorate and simply assign a Trump-friendly slate of electoral college delegates to vote for the incumbent president.

Trump’s bullying of state officials is turning out to be less effective now that he has been proven the loser of the election in contested state after contested. state, failed lawsuit after failed lawsuit.

That he turns to condemn his former staunch GOP allies so quickly when he doesn’t get his way proves that Trump has no reciprocal loyalty to those who have enabled him, not an endearing quality nor one that will serve him well when he has no longer holds the power of the executive branch in his fingertips.

Trump’s incitement of a civil war among Republican loyalists may just be the thing that finally brings the party down for good.

If he manages to accomplish that, then there will be at least one positive enduring legacy that emerges from the Trump era. Whether that happens and whether it will have been worth the pain of the past four years to achieve remains to be seen.

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