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Lou Dobbs blows his top at Stephen Miller over “gutless” Republicans in Trump loss meltdown

Lou Dobbs blows his top at Stephen Miller over “gutless” Republicans in Trump loss meltdown

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While the vast majority of the country has accepted the fact that Donald Trump has lost the 2020 election and will soon be departing the White House and taking his cohort of dead-eyed psychotic ghouls with him, they themselves are having issues grappling with the reality that faces them — which is a source of deeply satisfying schadenfreude for the rest of us.

Trump devotee Lou Dobbs and criminal against humanity Stephen Miller vented about the Republican Party’s unwillingness to “stop the steal” in a particularly hilarious clip from Dobbs’ FOX News show, not the least because they kept on talking over each other and cutting each other off.

“What’s wrong with the Republican Party? Where the hell are the Republicans, Steven? Where are they?” raged Dobbs at Miller, who appeared taken aback by Dobbs’ vehemence and had trouble forcing out an appropriate level of outrage.

“Tens of millions of – no signature checks — You’re right Lou, tens of millions of ballots nationwide, no signature checks, no residency checks, no age checks, no criminal record checks, not even checking if you are alive or dead? Are we a third-world country? Are we a banana republic? If you only counted legal ballots from legal residents, this president gets four more years!”

Dobbs goes on to bring up Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) laughable offer to argue for the Trump team at the Supreme court and demanded to know why on “God’s green earth the White House wouldn’t jump on that?”

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Miller appears uneasy about that prospect and tries to change the subject, and gets an earful from Dobbs: “No, no Stephen, I’m not gonna let you do that. You and I, we’re reasonably smart and decent fellows. Why don’t you answer me? That’s all I’m asking here, Stephen. Why don’t you guys jump and salute Ted Cruz and say yes, we want you on the team now. My god, this is not a time for internecine nonsense in the Republican Party, which is watching its blood drain into the streets because they’re GUTLESS.”

Miller tries to calm down Dobbs, but is unable to placate him and refuses to answer why Trump won’t accept Ted Cruz on to his team, which is probably because Trump has never forgiven Ted Cruz for opposing him in 2016 and still resents him despite the pathetic lengths Cruz has gone to get himself back in good favor.

After the four years of hell these monsters put us through, it is so gratifying to see Trump’s cheerleaders and accomplices seethe and rage at against reality — and take solace in the fact that we’ll hopefully never have to see them again.

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