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Republican Senator issues rare public rebuke of Trump “completely unacceptable” election shenanigans

Republican Senator issues rare public rebuke of Trump “completely unacceptable” election shenanigans

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History will not soon forget those who enabled Donald Trump during his four-year crusade to undermine our democracy and transform our government into an engine designed to line the pockets of his family and closest cronies. In their self-interested pursuit of power and influence, they revealed themselves to be nothing less than the lowest form of parasites, more than willing to betray all of the values this nation is supposed to hold dear.

One might expect these unAmerican cowards to change their tune now that President-elect Biden has defeated Trump and denied him a second disastrous term, but the vast majority of GOP officials seem so cowed by the president that they refuse to stand up to him even as he works to overturn the will of the people and steal the presidency through the courts.

Thankfully, Trump has had zero success in his election efforts thus far, though that in no way absolves Republicans of culpability for entertaining his fascist efforts. It’s this slavish devotion to Trump that makes it all the more notable when a Republican does step forward to stand up for what is right.

Today, Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) broke ranks and condemned Trump’s efforts to overturn the election in Pennslyvania. Yesterday, it was revealed that the president asked the state’s Republican Speaker of the House to challenge Biden’s legitimate victory in the state.

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“It’s completely unacceptable and it’s not going to work and the president should give up trying to get legislatures to overturn the results of the elections in their respective states,” said Toomey during a phone call with The Philadelphia Inquirer. He stated that the “outcome of the election is clear and that is that Joe Biden won the election.”

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Toomey also said that he had a  “very pleasant conversation” with President-elect Biden during which he congratulated him on his electoral win. It’s perhaps worth noting that Toomey is not running for reelection when his term expires in 2022, so he has less reason to fear the ire of the base than some other Republican officials do.

While Toomey recognizes the damage that Trump and his legal team are inflicting on the American people’s faith in their elections, he is still a Republican and felt the need to ding Democrats as well. He said that some GOP voters are willing to listen to the president’s lies about voter fraud because they “witnessed the way he’s been treated for the last four years by the left and the press.” Someone not blinded by Republican partisanship would be quick to point out that the press was actually far too lenient with Trump given the fact he is almost certainly the worst president in American history.

Perhaps other Republicans will see Toomey’s statement and grow spines of their own. But don’t hold your breath.

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