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Trump celebrates infection rates and goes off the delusion rails in vaccine presser

Trump celebrates infection rates and goes off the delusion rails in vaccine presser

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It doesn’t matter if the lame-duck president is supposedly holding a press conference about the progress his Operation Warp Speed ahs made in the development and the upcoming distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine, these days if Donald Trump opens his mouth the topic will be how he really won the election that he claims without evidence was stolen from him.

True, Donald Trump began the briefing talking about his administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, primarily using his speech to claim undue credit for the success of the vaccine development effort and then attempting to coverup for his failure to purchase a sufficient quantity of the vaccine to innoculate the entire U.S. populace.

However, it didn’t take the president with false delusions of electoral victory long to begin his railing against the reality of his being crushed by Democrat Joe Biden when all the counting, recounting, and triple-counting of the ballots have been completed.

Vox‘s Aaron Rupar conveniently condensed Trump’s appearance this afternoon into bite-sized digestible morsels for your viewing pleasure and dumbstruck amazement at the soon-to-be ex-president’s continued detachment from the dimension that everyone but he and his conned followers dwells within.

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Despite the obvious resurgence of the COVID-19 virus to the highest number of cases ever in this country — and in the world — Trump refuses to acknowledge that his claims that COVID would just disappear once the election was completed were as wrong as just about everything else that passes through his lips.

His obliviousness when it comes to the reality of what average Americans face when seeking treatment for the coronavirus shows that his privileged access to free health care has blinded him to the situation most people will have to face.

Why anyone would believe any predictions as to the trajectory of the pandemic made by the same person that said it would disappear “like magic” once summer arrived is something that sociologists will likely study for decades in their analysis of mass delusions.

The fact that Trump went on to tout the wide-spread contagion currently affecting our country as “terrific” should alone be grounds for the immediate invocation of the 25th Amendment,

Trump may be the superspreader Santa of the White House, but he used the question and answer portion of the briefing to play the Grinch who wants to try to steal the election from the unquestioned winner of the popular vote, President-elect Joe Biden.

Yes, the popularly-evicted current President of the United States is fomenting sedition and the overthrow of our democratic processes in an official press briefing and hasn’t been taken into custody yet.

Talk about white privilege.

How openly does one have to violate the law, even as president, to face the repercussions for one’s actions?

It’s far past the time for Trump’s avaricious fund-raising charade to end.

America doesn’t care that his ego is bruised because a significant majority of the nation’s voters have found him unfit for office.

We just want him gone from our lives forever and held accountable for his misdeeds in order to prevent any other scoundrel from trying to repeat his dastardly formula for a fascist takeover of our republic.

We’ll give it until January 20th and not a second more.

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Original reporting by Aaron Rupar at Vox.

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