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Trump gloats about Germany’s pandemic deaths to slam his “obnoxious critics”

Trump gloats about Germany’s pandemic deaths to slam his “obnoxious critics”

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Over the past four years, thanks to the negligent and often intentionally destructive leadership of Donald Trump, the United States of America has relinquished the mantle of world leadership in countless spheres. At the same time, our country has picked up newer, far more dubious distinctions, like arguably being the country in the western developed world to botch the COVID-19 pandemic the worst.

Our president long ago showed himself to be woefully incapable of even the most simple forms of good governance so it should come as little surprise that he was deeply unsuited, both psychologically and intellectually, to handle a historic viral crisis. Of course, the egomaniacal Trump has insisted repeatedly that he masterfully handle the outbreak, even though we know for a fact that he intentionally misled the public about the risks of the coronavirus while publicly downplaying it and even dismissing concerns as a Democratic “hoax.”

To date, over 280,000 Americans have died from COVID-19, and cases are once again spiking. Meanwhile, some countries are returning to normalcy thanks to their government’s competent handling of the pandemic. Still others are struggling with the coronavirus but have managed to lose far fewer of their citizens.

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Germany for example is estimated to have suffered roughly 20,000 deaths to date. Admittedly, Germany has a smaller population than the United States—about 83 million compared to about 328 million Americans—but if one were to scale down the population of the U.S. while maintaining the same ratio of deaths under Trump, the U.S. would come in at around 70,000 some deaths. In other words, the Trump administration has been an abject failure when it comes to saving Americans. It’s difficult to even comprehend the scale of their failure when one considers the needless loss of human life.

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Ever the oblivious egomaniac, Trump retweeted a random Twitter account talking bout Germany reaching a daily high of 590 COVID-19 deaths. The president gloated, saying that Germany has been held by his “obnoxious critics” as an example of how the U.S. should have handled the “China Virus.”

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“So much for that argument. I love Germany – Vaccines on the way!!!” Trump concluded. One can almost see his self-satisfied smile through the tweet as he relishes the opportunity to delight in human tragedy for political purposes. It’s as cruel as it is clueless. A rise in German deaths doesn’t change the fact that Trump has the blood of perhaps hundreds of thousands of Americans on his hands and at this point, America would be lucky to have the same coronavirus rates as Germany.

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