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Morning meltdown: Trump rants about the “country being stolen” and attacks Republican governor

Morning meltdown: Trump rants about the “country being stolen” and attacks Republican governor

There are just 41 days left until President-elect Joe Biden takes the oath of office and is finally sworn in as the 46th President of the United States of America and yet the current occupant of the Oval Office is still making his delusional claims that he actually won the election. Trump insists that there was widespread voter fraud despite a complete lack of evidence and many Republicans, unwilling to accept that their hideous-souled cult leader was rejected by the majority of Americans, are choosing to believe him.

Luckily for our democracy, the half-baked cases brought by Trump’s COVID-19-ridden attorneys have been laughed out of courts all across the country. He has no path to a second term. Despite that harsh reality, Trump’s Twitter account remains a bastion of misinformation and fevered paranoia. Today, he woke up and unleashed a tidal wave of tweets.

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The president started out his day by tweeting out two personality traits that he has never and will never possess…

Trump then immediately pivoted to spewing his ridiculous belief that the Supreme Court will somehow steal victory from the jaws of defeat for him because this cycle witnessed “the greatest Election abuse in the history of the United States.” As stated before, there is absolutely no evidence of such abuse or fraud and if his team had even a scrap of proof they’d be having much better luck in court. Instead, they’re reduced to ranting online and appearing on right-wing news outlets to peddle their lies.

The president followed with a tweet claiming that Biden “lost the election by hundreds of thousands of legal votes in each of the swing states.” Again, the accusation is completely untrue but Trump’s toxic ego makes it impossible for him to admit that he lost as badly as he did.

His swipe that his successor will be an “illegitimate president,” tips his hand and shows that all of this election nonsense is really just about poisoning the well for the Biden administration. Trump has been an abject failure as president and he despises the idea of Biden having a successful tenure.

Clearly on a manic roll, Trump then turned his ire on Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp, who he has attacked repeatedly in recent weeks for refusing to illegally overturn the state’s election results. His bizarre conspiracy theory about the state being stolen from him involves some convoluted allegations about ballot signatures and vague references to videos that supposedly show fraud, though no such tapes have been verified.

“He is finished as governor!” Trump added, once again proving that he is more than willing to cannibalize loyal members of his own party if it serves his personal interests.

Perhaps winded from the mental exertion of having to translate his own turgid thoughts into original tweets, he then shifted to simply quoting lies from some of his more loyal minions.

For good measure, he threw in a grainy video that MAGA-heads are convinced proves fraud.

Never much one for originality, he ended his Twitter rampage by reiterating his corruption lies.

This will be his legacy: a disastrous president who let hundreds of thousands of Americans die, lost his reelection bid, then spent his final days in the White House whining on the internet.

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