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AOC torches Republican Rep. after he sends deeply inappropriate tweet to Biden

AOC torches Republican Rep. after he sends deeply inappropriate tweet to Biden

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The Republican Party has become such a Gordian knot of hypocrisies, lies, and bad faith projection that it can often be genuinely impossible to untangle what it is they even pretend to believe in.

We now know for a fact that despite their constant flag-waving they have absolutely no respect for American democracy and are perfectly willing to support Trump’s authoritarian bid to overturn President-elect Joe Biden’s electoral victory to forward their own political careers. They claim to be pro-life but support capital punishment and pretend to care about “average Americans” while blocking stimulus bills and giving handouts to the super-rich. And while they claim to be the party of “family values” and decry liberal “degeneracy” they regularly engage in the crudest forms of rhetoric.

On Wednesday, Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) decided to get down in the mud over a perfectly reasonable statement from Biden. After the president-elect stated his intention to sign an executive order requiring masks on day one of his presidency, Roy retweeted him with incredibly childish commentary. Demonstrating a total lack of wit, Roy tweeted that “on day one” he will tell Biden to kiss his ass. Why exactly Roy would be opposed to such a simple safety measure is unclear but he wouldn’t be the first Republican to downplay the risks of COVID-19 and grandstand as if recklessness with public health is something to be proud of rather than discouraged.

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There is also a deep irony to be found in a member of the GOP—the party that has been whining for the past four years that we must respect the office of the presidency even as Trump strips it of every last ounce of its dignity—being so directly disrespectful to our 46th president. These people are the most debased form of hypocrites. They believe in nothing beyond their own hunger for power and will continue to race towards the bottom as they jockey for attention and funding in a party that has increasingly lost its mind and morality.

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), a frequent target of right-wing outrage, retweeted Roy’s asinine message and pointed out how “weird” it is that Republicans regularly make such inappropriate comments with impunity and yet somehow she still receives negative attention for getting a haircut or wearing any clothing “better than a rusty bucket.” She is absolutely right to point out this infuriating double standard but Republicans are so shameless that it’s unlikely they’ll change any time soon.

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